December 23, 2009

Modern Warfare 2

Despite reser­va­tions about the low blow IW pulled on the PC com­mu­ni­ty I decid­ed to give MW2 a try, and why would­n’t I, my friend let me bor­row it for free.  Hav­ing played the orig­i­nal in it’s entire­ty I can hon­est­ly say that the sin­gle play­er lives up to the orig­i­nal in every aspect.  The game is tru­ly tense for the entire cam­paign.  Unfor­tu­natly, like it’s predaces­sor, is entire­ly way to short.  The cam­paign for me totaled in at about 6 hours.  I would of liked to of had a longer cam­paign with a lit­tle more sto­ry.  The game takes you across the globe from the slums of Brazil to USA, Rus­sia, and Afghanistan.  The game is full of fast paced, bru­tal bloody action, the action sequences are well script­ed and the sto­ry is full of sor­row, betrayl and some hap­pi­ness here and there.
There is a moment in the game, yes we all know about it, that you have to mow down a group of civil­ians in an air­port.  While I did play through this in it’s entire­ty and while I under­stand this is just a game.  I did find myself hes­i­tat­ing to pull the trig­ger.   I’m a fair­ly desen­si­tized guy so I found that sort of inter­est­ing.  While I don’t believe that there should be some law against this kind of depic­tion I hope they don’t start includ­ing chil­dren in these types of vir­tu­al mas­sac­ers.
Unlike the pre­vi­ous game I was VERY sat­is­fied with the end­ing.  It end­ed on a much high­er note then the pre­vi­ous install­ment.  The games set­ting is far more grim.  See­ing the destruc­tion of US cities and see­ing open war­fare tak­ing place on res­i­den­tial streets is a chill­ing expere­ince.  It’s pret­ty intense call­ing down preda­tor missle strikes, espe­cial­ly when you view­ing them  from a dis­tance.  The game has a wide array of weapons to choose from.   One thing I real­ly did enjoy although not real­ly necce­sary for the game­play is some of parts of the game that don’t include killing ene­mies.  Climb­ing the wall of ice on the side of the moun­tain, crawl­ing to grab a gun while your wound­ed, repelling off the side of a cliff or my per­son­al favorite pulling a knife out of your chest.


  1. Crazieman_47 - December 23, 2009 12:19 pm

    Don’t for­get that this is a PS3 Game also. To which I have played through on Ps3 On Vet­er­an and find­ing all the Hid­den bits. Vet­er­an had its moments and real­ly forces you to look at the sit­u­a­tion such as the White house, and take out cer­tain Machine guns before mov­ing. Lit­tle things that you nor­mal­ly would not notice if you just played through on Reg­u­lar as you can just run past it and for­get it. ANy­whoo, I was a lit­tle dis­s­a­point­ed with the fact that the Scenery such as cars, and trucks, and objects, not to men­tion the explo­sions were pret­ty much the same as MW. I liked the heart beat sen­sor, although I would have loved it even bet­ter on a M4, or P90. My per­son­al Favorite was when your fin­ished you can go into the Muse­um and play with all the weapons and take your revenge on cer­tain peo­ple by blow­ing them up. PS, Love killing all the chick­ens and get­ting the Reward. Lived on a Chick­en farm for years, hate those bug­gars.
    I nev­er got to play the Mul­ti­play­er although this is where MW excels. Mul­ti­play­er to me is what MW is all about, as with MW I end­ed up play­ing the Mod, Ulti­mate Paint­ball Fever­ish­ly due to the physics of lob­bing a ball instead of 1000mph bul­let. I love the Idea of the Co-op Spe­cial Forces part of the game where 2 of the mis­sions you have to fin­ish with some­one else.
    ANy­way I had this game rent­ed for a week, fin­ished it in 1, replayed it for the 2nd day, and then went to find some­thing else due to lack of inter­net speed for me to log on to mul­ti­play­er.
    Over­all I would sug­gest the Chi­nese Gov­er­ment switch from CS:S to MW2 for train­ing.
    WTF is with not being able to fight in space? True under­wa­ter war­fare? I want­ed to be in space shoot­ing stuff not watch­ing as some bright light blows me to bits. and for the under­wa­ter parts, I was THRILLED with the thought of it, but no its just a cut scene as usu­al. Also WTF was with that crashed Heli­copter scene you play through twice, I ini­tial­ly was like WHAAAATT??? I just shot these guys. But the immer­sion of the Data with­in the char­ac­ters and scenery, such as that guy in the Get­tos that leans out a win­dow and waves his arms at you telling you that up ahead is some bad guys by point­ing and then shoot­ing with his arms like a gun. That was a cool Addi­tion most peo­ple would not notice UNLESS you play on Vet­er­an and don’t want to get your head blown off.
    p.s. on the roof top of the buger joint, point the Gat­tle gun at the lad­ders and you can just pop off the oth­er guys and not wor­ry about get­ting hit over the head from behind.

  2. PimpmasterF - December 24, 2009 11:54 pm

    MW2 was excel­lent in my opin­ion, not only did it hold up to the hype and expec­ta­tions the first one set but exceed­ed them I think. the mechan­ics were good and they real­ly put alot of time and effort into the sto­ry line, it was grip­ping and kept you inter­est­ed all the way through. The online is also excel­lent, Im not usu­al­ly to fond of online mul­ti­play­er (Ill admit it, im not so great when up against oth­er peo­ple instead of AI) but the online expe­ri­ence they have pro­vid­ed thus far is stel­lar and kept me log­ging on want­i­ng more. Oh and yes, pulling the knife out of my chest and then throw­ing it into the gen­er­als face was prob­ly the most badass moment of the game. Bot­tom line…Well worth mon­ey and even bet­ter since I got it black fri­day for 40.00, High­ly rec­om­mend to any­one who likes FPS, and even if your not to into FPS MW2 may be the game that gets you into it.

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