December 23, 2009

Number 8 —- Google Chrome

Ini­tial­ly released in Sep­tem­ber of 2008 this is my web brows­er of choice, for sure supe­ri­or to Inter­net Explor­er and in my opin­ion more like­able that Fire­fox.  Only account­ing for 4.4% of world­wide usage, to me Chrome, or almost any­thing Google is supe­ri­or to its com­peti­tors (Gmail,, Chrome).  No doubt that Google Chrome accounts for less than 5% of world­wide Inter­net browsers is that PC’s come pre­loaded with Microsoft’s Inter­net Explor­er : (        Ok, so some cool fea­tures that I like about Chrome is that the address bar is Google’s search engine.  So I can type in the address bar and it will take me direct­ly to our site, or I can type “the gamers blog” and it will show me though the Google search engine results that you would find if 1st going to and then typ­ing in what you’re look­ing for, Sweet.  Anoth­er cool fea­ture is its open look, it leaves more space for page view­ing and less space for crap.  And pos­si­bly one of the coolest fea­tures is under the options tab, a lit­tle fea­ture called Incog­ni­to Mode, and you can use ur imag­i­na­tion as to how this fea­ture could help guys all across the world not wor­ry about clear­ing their brows­ing his­to­ry ;   )  And, as quot­ed by an author from Wikipedia: “Sev­er­al web­sites per­formed bench­mark tests using the Sun­Spi­der JavaScript Bench­mark tool as well as Google’s own set of com­pu­ta­tion­al­ly intense bench­marks, which include ray trac­ing and con­straint solv­ing.  They unan­i­mous­ly report­ed that Chrome per­formed much faster than all com­peti­tors against which it had been test­ed, includ­ing Safari, Fire­fox 3.0, Inter­net Explor­er 7, Opera and Inter­net Explor­er 8.”
To get this supe­ri­or web brows­er, down­load here :

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