December 25, 2009

Number 6 —- Inglorious Basterds

Writ­ten and direct­ed by Quentin Taran­ti­no, need I say more?  Well I guess I could.  This movie rocks, from the wit­ty dia­logue to bloody action, I basi­cal­ly love any­thing Mr. Taran­ti­no puts out, a list and a pic of the goofy bas­terd  if I may: Reser­voir Dogs, Pulp Fic­tion, Jack­ie Brown, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Death Proof, Inglo­ri­ous Bas­ter­ds and many oth­er projects that he has his thumbprint in.  In the open­ing scene a Ger­man offi­cer makes his way to a coun­try estate to ques­tion a faith­ful French sup­port­er of the Nazi regime.  He has sworn to inform the Ger­man offi­cer of any infor­ma­tion about hid­ing Jews in the area.  The sad thing is that this real­ly hap­pened in Ger­many and Nazi occu­pied Europe on a very dis­turb­ing scale.

Any­way, the offi­cer begins speak­ing to the man in French, and they car­ry on with an intrigu­ing accent and sub­ti­tles.  It is obvi­ous that the coun­try farmer feels less than at ease with this Ger­man vis­i­tor.  They talk and smoke, with the Nazi offi­cer smok­ing from an extra large pipe.  Then the offi­cer pro­ceeds to ask the French man if he may speak in Eng­lish, ever so polite­ly.  He accepts and they con­tin­ue their con­ver­sa­tion in Eng­lish, quite a nice tran­si­tion for us here in North Amer­i­ca, to have the movie be in Eng­lish and not with sub­ti­tles for the whole thing, which tends to draw the eyes away from the action towards the bot­tom of the screen for read­ing.  Any­way, they con­tin­ue their con­ver­sa­tion, and the offi­cer points out that he sus­pects that the French farmer is hid­ing Jews in his house, he then indi­cates that his rea­son for switch­ing to Eng­lish is because that the Jews that could be poten­tial­ly hid­ing in his house would not under­stand Eng­lish and there­fore would not be the wis­er as to what was about to hap­pen.  Then they switched back to speak­ing French after the fact had been revealed by the farmer that there were indeed Jews hid­ing under his floor­boards. They con­tin­ue to speak in the farmer’s native lan­guage as if noth­ing had hap­pened, the offi­cer says good­bye and thanks him for his time, then steps out­side… and lets his enlist­ed men step inside the house and spray the floor with bul­lets blood and cries.  The sur­vivor from that mas­sacre becomes one of the main char­ac­ters lat­er in the movie.  Did I men­tion that Quentin rocks!!!!????

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  1. Crazieman_47 - December 26, 2009 3:19 pm

    HAHAH I got to agree, BEST movie ever.…
    per­son­al Favorite.
    ” Its a F**king base­ment, no body told us we were going into a F**king base­ment, ‘whats wrong with that?’ it’s a F**king base­ment! ”


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