December 28, 2009

Number 4 —- All things HD, Blu-Ray

To have HD or to not have HD.  Yea, I’ll take HD for 300 Alex.  Well now you can take HD for much less, with the aver­age cost of Blu-ray play­ers and movies going down and demand that keeps ris­ing, Blu­ray play­ers make the top 8 list here.  Blu-ray has been around since 2006, but not very well known, and just recent­ly has become more pop­u­lar and will soon become the stan­dard for movie watch­ing and pos­si­bly game play­ing.  A sin­gle lay­er disc is able to have 25GB of stor­age and a dual-lay­er with 50GB… wow.     FYI the 1st movie ever released on Blu-Ray was Charlie’s Angels: Full Throt­tle.  In oth­er words, HD is in, and non HD is out : )

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