January 10, 2010

AMD has shipped 2 million GPU’s

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) was able to reach this lev­el of “poten­tial” sales after the unveil­ing of their ATI Radeon HD 5800 series, the 1st Direc­tX 11 graph­ic prod­uct from AMD.  This com­pa­ny is doing its best to “one-up” Intel, from its CPU’s to its graph­ic cards, expand­ing its influ­ence and try­ing to do the most it can do in the future.  Mean­ing, what the com­pa­ny can earn in the future, as long as that means sweet proces­sors and GUP’s, I’m fine with that.  They will also be intro­duc­ing this week a Direc­tX 11 capa­ble note­book (cool).  AMD is the 1st com­pa­ny to mar­ket Direc­tX 11 graph­ic prod­ucts; there­fore they have tak­en the upper hand in gam­ing and push­ing our sys­tems to the next lev­el.  I am damn glad to see where they are head­ing, and hope­ful­ly with this new tech­nol­o­gy on the mar­ket it will force com­peti­tors to com­pete bet­ter and bring prices down as well.


  1. PimpmasterF - January 15, 2010 11:44 pm

    Unfor­tu­nate­ly as of right now DX11 does­nt mean s**t. The only sig­nif­i­cant DX11 soft­ware to my knowl­edge is the Uni­gen Heav­en bench­mark and the New STALKER bench­mark, Oth­er than that nada. And itll be a while before there is enough DX11 sup­port­ed soft­ware for it to be talked about. But hope­full DX11 will take off bet­ter than DX10 did and devel­op­ers will uti­lize it more in games. DX10 was­nt real­ly a fail but it did take some time for it to come into its own.

  2. thsoundman - January 16, 2010 10:11 am

    I sus­pect we will see more DX10/11 games now that Xbox is show­ing it’s age. I think PC games got the shaft as devel­op­ers tried to shove out games for con­soles. Xbox is only DX9 cape­able so the fact that devel­op­ers have been slow to devel­op for it isn’t all to supris­ing.


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