January 15, 2010

Xbox360 showing it’s age

So it’s been five years since the Xbox was released.  This has become ever appar­ent to me in the last cou­ple of days.  I was at a clients house who need­ed me to set up a Xbox360 on xbox live.  I did this and then tried out left for dead 2 on his sys­tem.  For those who don’t know I own a copy for the PC and when I logged in to play the dif­fer­ences in graph­i­cal qual­i­ty were appar­ent.  My client ran a 52″ 1080p LCD tv run­ning the xbox at 1080p.  I run a AMD Phe­nom 9950, Radeon HD 4890 1gb, 4gb of ddr2 cl3 ram, on a Asus board.  I run all set­tings maxed at 1080p or 1920 x 1080 respec­tiv­ly.
Some of the major dif­fer­ences I noticed were first and fore­most were over­all graph­i­cal qual­i­ty.  The tex­tures on every­thing seems much duller and the over­all feel was far rougher. It did­n’t have that clean, crisp and sharp look that I have been accus­tomed to on the PC.  The weapons did not show near as much detail as the PC ver­sion nei­ther did the build­ings, tree’s or the char­ac­ters.  The char­ac­ters were the most obvi­ous graph­ic qual­i­ty dif­fer­ence.   The faces were rough and under detailed com­pared to the PC.  I also felt the way the gore was pre­sent­ed with­in the game was far worse on the 360.  I noticed that when­ev­er I blew away a zom­bie… the way they died seemed… unim­pres­sive.
In essence the 360 is a small com­put­er.  It has 3.2ghz Tri­Core xenon proces­sor, with 512gb of ram, 20 — 120gb hard dri­ve and has ATI Xenos graph­ics card with 16 proces­sor cores run­ning at 500 mhz with 10mb of GDDR3.  You can read up on the com­plete specs here.   The graph­ics card is where the sys­tem is start­ing to show it’s age.  It just cant han­dle graph­ic capa­bil­i­ties of new­er graph­ics cards.   For com­par­i­son of specs we will take a look at the ATI radeon 4890 1gb graph­ics card.  The card runs at 800 pro­cess­ing cores at 900mhz a core on GDDR5 mem­o­ry you can read the com­plete specs here.  The 16 stream pro­cess­ing cores vs the 800 stream pro­cess­ing cores shows how much more pow­er­ful new­er graph­ics cards are alone.
Recent­ly Microsoft said that it does­n’t plan to make a new con­sole in the near future with­in the new 3 — 5 years it plans to release soft­ware and “hard­ware” upgrades for it’s con­sole. So it will be inter­est­ing to see how PC vs Con­sole war pans out.


  1. PimpmasterF - January 15, 2010 11:35 pm

    This is why the PC has been and will always be the plat­form of choice for enthusi­est gamers and peo­ple who just plain pay atten­tion to detail. Grant­ed the con­sole is a cheap alter­na­tive to PC gam­ing but for those with the bud­get and know how con­soled just dont com­pare. The thing is con­soles are designed to play any game smooth­ly with­out upgrad­ing and with­out a per­for­mance hit, there­fore they have to have restric­tions, less AA/AF, low fil­ter­ing, low effects, etc. Now the 360 and PS3 have come a long way in per­for­mance and both offer an amaz­ing gam­ing expe­ri­ence but they do leave a bit to be desired. PC FTW!!!!!

  2. thsoundman - January 16, 2010 10:08 am

    You also have to remem­ber they aren’t error free sys­tems. I have had 2 xobx RROD on me since i bought them. You fig­ure that the stan­dard war­ran­ty on an xbox is 1 year so if they both fell out of war­ran­ty before then I would of had to spend 400 + 300 + 300 *this is the order i bought them in*. Thats $1000 I can build a awe­some gam­ing rig for far less then 1000 dol­lars. Includ­ing a mon­i­tor. Not to men­tion that I con­stant­ly get “This disc is unread­able” on many NEW games. Peo­ple have this notion that PC gam­ing is far more expen­sive. You can shove a mid­line ATI Radeon 4890 in any midrange PC you buy at the store today and you can game on it. So you fig­ure you spend $170 for the video card and $50 for the mem­o­ry and thats only $220 for a sys­tem that now plays every game on the mar­ket. Not to men­tion all the mon­ey I spent on a new DLP 61″ DLP 1080p tv plus all the $50 con­trollers i had to buy.

  3. PimpmasterF - January 17, 2010 5:46 am

    Good point but com­put­ers can also be the same way, grant­ed not as high of a fail­ure rate and eas­i­er to replace parts but you get my point. Also Microsoft did us all a sol­id and extend­ed the war­ran­ty for the 360 out 3 more yrs. due to the RROD issue. Also the need to upgrade a PC every cou­ple years or so to keep up with tech. advance­ment com­pares to the RROD issue. They both have pros and cons and hon­est­ly I think it comes down to per­son­al pref­er­ence, for me PC is my fav. with the PS3 next. But bot­tom line it comes down to which cost is worth it to you, PC build + upgrades vs. Con­sole + con­sole repair 🙂

  4. DeathProof - January 17, 2010 3:34 pm

    For the major­i­ty of gamers, one huge advan­tage to con­soles is the abil­i­ty to go into any game store in the coun­try and head to the 360 or PS3 sec­tion and for sure, 100% any game bought for your con­sole will work. And it will work the way its sup­posed to. Even though the way its sup­posed to is not as cool as a PC, con­sole is more user friend­ly and most like­ly will become more and more the plat­form of choice of the major­i­ty. That’s not to say the major­i­ty are always right : )

  5. Crazieman_47 - January 20, 2010 7:29 am

    I just love the PC for gam­ing for one fac­toid. I can Edit and mod­i­fy the Data for a PC game! Mak­ing my own tex­tures, and 3d mod­els is what PC is all about to me, and with­out the abil­i­ty to make semi nude dancers in GTA nude is just bor­ing to me. Don’t get me wrong I love my PS3, but I want to Browse the File struc­tures, I want to be able to change code, do some IDA Hex edit­ing… wait.. you did­nt read that last part right? go back and read it again, and then tell me you did­nt, it would make me feel so much bet­ter.

  6. RustNut - January 24, 2010 9:35 pm

    WRONG! The 360 is a far supe­ri­or gam­ing machine..It does­nt car­ry that “nerd fac­tor” that the pc has. And chicks love guys who play on the 360 over the pc.…..its all about the chick man.

  7. Protokiller - November 22, 2010 5:28 pm

    Actu­al­ly the 360 has 48 stream proces­sors that aren’t com­pa­ra­ble to the stream proces­sors on the new­er ATI cards.
    The 8600GTS beats the 2600xt and thats a 120 vs 32 stream proces­sor com­par­i­son, ATI has said that the Xenos chip is com­pa­ra­ble to an X1900 which beats the 2600XT with it’s 120 stream proces­sors.
    The area the 360 is show­ing it’s age is in the Ram (512mb) and mem­o­ry band­width which pre­vents them from doing native 1080P

  8. T8 - November 24, 2010 4:49 pm

    @RustNuts, im so glad you are balls deep in pussy due to your xbox skills.
    There is no “nerd fac­tor” for PC gam­ing. What you con­sid­er the “nerd fac­tor” is what we would call enlight­ened, and what you would also call “far supe­ri­or gam­ing machine”, we would call baby’s first video game 🙂


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