January 17, 2010

Fallout 3 = The Book of Eli… with a black dude

Ohh how I enjoyed, ney, loved Fall­out 3.  The whole thing just kicked ass.  From the post nuclear atmos­phere, to the gory head shots to the VATS sys­tem that allow the play­er to pick and choose the spe­cif­ic body part they would like to dis­mem­ber.  Giv­en the 1st hour of the game is a bit slow and a lit­tle annoy­ing as far as find­ing out what needs to be done, but once past that part, its soooo too easy to get pulled into and absorbed with this one, as many of you may know.
So the game came out over a year ago, in Octo­ber 2008, so why am I bring­ing up this now you may ask.  Well, last night I saw The Book of Eli, and this movie looks just like the post nuclear world cre­at­ed by the boys (and pos­si­bly girls) from Bethes­da Game Stu­dios.  The first 15 min­utes of the movie I could not stop com­par­ing the sim­i­lar­i­ties between the two.  And even when the main char­ac­ter from The Book of Eli (Den­zel Wash­ing­ton) when forced to kill road thugs, would rum­mage though their pock­ets and packs look­ing for upgrad­ed equip­ment or mon­ey.  Humm, sounds a lot like the loot­ing that goes on in Fall­out 3, and yes in that envi­ron­ment and type of world, nec­es­sary.
So if you have not yet played Fall­out 3 and are won­der­ing if this game if worth your time, well it is worth all of the 80 + hours you will spend kick­ing ass in the waste­lands.  And if you’re won­der­ing if The Book of Eli is sweet, well if you like action and a good sto­ry with like­able char­ac­ters, then yes as well.  But be aware there is one huge dif­fer­ence between the two sto­ry lines, and I’m not talk­ing about Den­zel Wash­ing­ton being black, but fyi if you haven’t already fig­ured it out, Eli’s book is the Bible.

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