January 19, 2010

Cost of Computers on the Rise

I recent­ly upgrad­ed my sys­tem.  Basi­cal­ly I trans­ferred from my old sys­tem my nice ACER mon­i­tor, Log­itech speak­ers, mouse, key­board, case, pow­er sup­ply, hard dri­ve, my video card, NVidia 8800 GT, and added an AMD Phe­nom II 3.2 GHz Quad core, with a ddr3 com­pat­i­ble Mobo and 4 Gigs of DDR3 at 7–7‑7 tim­ing.  I have had my case for like 5 years, it holds all my new hard­ware just fine, I have had the key­board for the same amount of time and works fine.  The mouse is a 1 year old opti­cal Microsoft (wired) and works like a charm.  So for the upgrade of the CPU, Mobo and Ram, I spent less than $350.00.  For basi­cal­ly a frig­gin’ new sys­tem!!  Guar­an­teed to out per­form any­thing you can walk into Best Buy and find for over a grand.  This is a vague look at my upgrade and the total scope of what I’ve spent (rel­a­tive­ly low), but con­sid­er­ing that I am able to swap out parts when one becomes out­dat­ed for a rel­a­tive­ly cheap price, is in itself price­less : )
So, back to the title of the arti­cle, it seems like the cost of com­put­er hard­ware is on the rise.  For the past 6 years the aver­age prices of com­put­er com­po­nent prices has been drop­ping by 7.8 %, but look­ing into 2010 it is like­ly we could very well see an esti­mat­ed rise of 2.8 % , mean­ing more expen­sive upgrades or new com­put­ers.  One obvi­ous way to see this rise in hard­ware going up is in mem­o­ry, as pos­si­bly some of you may have expe­ri­ences already.  The short­age in hard­ware, mean­ing high­er prices, is direct­ly relat­ed to the cur­rent reces­sion.  One thing is for sure, with the aver­age cost of Macs going up to $1,575 (dat be a ton of doe) the aver­age price of PC’s is about half of that, I know what hard­ware I’ll con­tin­ue to buy.


  1. Crazieman_47 - January 20, 2010 7:26 am

    I just read a arti­cle in PC mag­a­zine on build­ing a Killer sys­tem for $675 all in. and after see­ing what it can do, 20 fps on Cry­sis Steady! for under 1g? Carazy, I have a quad core HP and this lit­tle nugget whips my Beast with a chain and spikes! when I get mon­ey… u wait.… u wait, u moth­er (shut your mouth)…
    ANy­way, they also stat­ed that RAM is the most expen­sive of all the parts of the com­put­er. Although this is a fun­ny fact for fun­ny peo­ple. HP Print­er Ink, is actu­al­ly more expen­sive than Human Blood!

  2. thsoundman - January 20, 2010 10:37 am

    Yeah I have noticed this as well. Mem­o­ry is dou­ble the price it was even a few months ago. I used to be able to get 4 gigs of mem­o­ry ddr2 for about $64.00 now it’s eas­i­ly dou­ble that.

  3. PimpmasterF - January 24, 2010 8:37 am

    It is ridicu­lous, I bought 4Gb or Cor­sair Dom­i­na­tor 1066 just a few months ago for rough­ly $90 and now its lit­ter­al­ly dou­ble that at $179.
    I have noticed that GPU’s, MOBO, and CPU’s have stayed fair­ly res­on­able, lets hope it stays that way.


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