January 29, 2010

Apple releases 1GHz A4 CPU

Ohh wow, whoop­ty doo.  I must say that Apple does have some cool stuff, IPod, IPhone.  But when it comes to com­put­ers or this new Applet, I am less than impressed.  Last Novem­ber I was in an Apple store with­in a swarm of red-shirt­ed Apple sales­men, and I asked them some down and dirty ques­tions about their hard­ware.  Yea it looks cool to have all the hard­ware in an over­sized mon­i­tor, but what is the advan­tage to hav­ing an Apple over a con­ven­tion­al PC.  Well some may say Apple’s don’t get virus­es.  Well, that’s just a load of BS.  I know a cer­tain Sound­man that claims he does see virus­es on Apples as well as PC’s at his job.  When talk­ing to the IT guy at my job, he states that Apples don’t get virus­es as much because the ppl that are infect­ing PC’s don’t give a shit about Apples, they take up such a small por­tion of the com­put­er mar­ket it’s real­ly not worth their time.  So aside from look­ing slick, I am hard pressed to find jus­ti­fi­ca­tion in drop­ping 1500 on a com­put­er when I can spend 400 and upgrade my PC’s Mobo, CPU, and ram, and basi­cal­ly get a new com­put­er.  And if you look at the specs Apples offer for the prices, they are non impres­sive, not to men­tion the pain in the ass of installing a 2nd OS to run games through Win­dows on the Mac.  God, just talk­ing about the lim­i­ta­tions of Apples makes me mad.  And while I’m on it, WTF is with these mousse that have only 1 big but­ton, and f***in eh, I don’t like press­ing con­trol and click­ing to get the right click option that a “nor­mal” mouse would give.  So besides being a lot more expen­sive and not offer­ing any­thing cool, I can­not envi­sion a true gamer ever using a MAC to own noobs.  Which is what it’s all about after all.

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