February 1, 2010

Ubisoft Tries to Foil Pirates, online authentication every time????

WTF Ubisoft, real­ly.  Can u be more lame, just as I was look­ing for­ward to the release of Assas­sins Creed 2 for PC u pull shit s**t.  This is not even a mul­ti­play­er game, but yet we need inter­net con­nec­tion and to be ver­i­fied though your web­site before we play, wow.  So I guess these cor­po­ra­tions think they can out smart UberN­erds and pre­vent them from fig­ur­ing out a way around these types of things to deliv­er these games cracked and ready for play from such sites as, btjunkie or thep­i­rate­bay.
Good luck.  I have no doubt that there will be a cracked ver­sion of Assas­sins Creed 2 on these sites on the date of release if not soon­er.  So are these mea­sures real­ly pre­vent­ing ppl from pirat­ing their soft­ware or enrag­ing ppl that are legit cus­tomers and guid­ing them down the road to Piratesville?  Dur­ing Steams hol­i­day sale where they were offer­ing kick­ass games for 10 bucks and under, one wise nerd quot­ed, “Steam is fight­ing pira­cy with rea­son­able priced games”.  How true.  So if you own or wish to buy any of Ubisoft’s line­up of games, includ­ing: Assassin’s Creed series, Beyond Good and Evil, Broth­ers in Arms, Far Cry series, Might and Mag­ic, Myst, Prince of Per­sia, and Tom Clancy’s series.  If only these cor­po­ra­tions would catch on and wise up, rather than piss­ing ppl off along the way to save some mon­ey, they are real­ly hurt­ing their own image and their bot­tom line in the end.  Geez, it’s not like they net­ted 109 mil­lion last year with total rev­enue at over 1.4 bil­lion.

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