February 3, 2010

AMD to release 6 Core CPU’s uhh and Intel too

SOB I just got my quad : )  Advance­ment is good, this means that good prod­ucts at low­er prices.  Intel’s 6 core CPU “gulftown” proces­sor that will be named Core i7-980x will be com­ing out the end of March, and will be cost­ing over a grand.  So in response to this AMD’s 6 core proces­sor that will be named “Thuban” 45nm chips as Phe­nom II x6 1075T, 1055T & 1035T mod­els some­time in May as well.  I think it is excit­ing the direc­tion the indus­try is going and has been going.  These new prod­ucts will push soft­ware devel­op­ers to uti­lize the full poten­tial of this hard­ware and for sure give us PC gam­ing enthu­si­asts more eye can­dy and more kick ass games to dive into.  I don’t have a good grip on how game devel­op­ment teams are uti­liz­ing the mul­ti-core tech­nol­o­gy that is already on the mar­ket, but it sure does offer a lot of poten­tial for us to have a more intense gam­ing expe­ri­ence.  As far as I can tell this new 6 core tech­nol­o­gy would be most ben­e­fi­cial to ppl like my friend that is a mechan­i­cal engi­neer who runs mul­ti­ple resource heavy pro­grams at once to devel­op mod­els for what­ev­er parts he is work­ing on cre­at­ing… with­out lag.  But for the gamer, I can’t see how this would be ben­e­fi­cial to upgrade to this new core tech­nol­o­gy for the inflat­ed prices it will come on the mar­ket at, maybe only for brag­ging rights.

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