February 11, 2010

Bioshock II (Play as a Big Daddy!!!)

The game came out 2 days ago, and I was plan­ning to write some­thing on it ear­li­er but just got a 360 (always have been a PC gamer) and had to hook that baby up to my pre-run HDMI cable and try to beat Halo 3 (now 75% through, I have to work too u know).  So although I am excit­ed to have final­ly got­ten a 360, I do real­ize there are some sweet games com­ing out this month and for sure this year.  Next Tues­day the 16th Aliens vs. Preda­tor Requiem is com­ing out, and it looks like a kick ass game too.  It has some of the same devel­op­ers from the 1st Aliens vs. Preda­tor, so they have had the vision from this game and how it should have looked back in the day.  Back to Rap­ture we go.
Umm, ques­tion.  Was the 1st Bioshock awe­some?  Were the crea­tures in Rap­ture freaky and fun to kill?  Was Rap­ture in itself an awe­some and fun city to kill your way through?  Was it not sweet to get a plas­mid upgrade and be able to wield an abnor­mal type super pow­er in one hand and a weapon in the oth­er?  And the answer to all these ques­tions is…yes.  So how much cool­er would it be to do all this in a refined world and envi­ron­ment where you actu­al­ly play as a Big Dad­dy?  Ohh­hh, sounds like a win­ner. Defi­ant­ly check this one out if you’re into FPS’s, and real­ly, who’s not?

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  1. PimpmasterF - February 14, 2010 5:30 pm

    Just start­ed play­ing this the oth­er night and got­ta say it is freakin sick, gripped me right from the begin­ning which is a rare trait for games these days, most games Ive played usu­al­ly take about an hour or so to real­ly get me into it, I can say the same for Dark­siders, just beat that the oth­er day and it was freakin phe­nom­e­nal, the end­ing was one of the best cliff hang­ers ive seen in a game.


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