February 17, 2010

**New** Aliens vs. Predator

Well let’s see, the guys that worked on the orig­i­nal PC ver­sion of this series back in 1999 have had a lit­tle time to think how they would like the love of their life to look and feel like.  I sure hope they hit the mark with this one.  This will come out on the 360, PS3 and the PC (thank god, wish com­pa­nies would stop short­chang­ing the PC, for f*** sake, it’s the only plat­form that enthu­si­asts can actu­al­ly get more out­ta the expe­ri­ence, graph­ics, game play, con­trol).  Don’t get me wrong the 360 and PS3 are sweet, but even on my 50’’ flat pan­el, play­ing on my PC just seems like a more com­pelling expe­ri­ence.  FYI seems like the new Dead Space is not planned to be release on the PC, which piss­es me off.  More on that soon.

This Aliens vs. Preda­tor looks bas ass.  I wan­na be scared and piss myself dur­ing game play, and I have a feel­in this one will bring the hits.  There will be 3 dif­fer­ent cam­paigns, play­ing as the Aliens, Preda­tor, and the Colo­nial Marines, cool.  Lets just say this, I’m look­ing for­ward, and there’s not enough time to play all these sweet games that are com­ing out, uhhh and this one came out yes­ter­day ; )


  1. thsoundman - February 28, 2010 4:29 pm

    I think comap­nies keep short­chang­ing the PC ver­sions because cert­ian indi­vid­u­als NEVER buy their games they just pirate them with the atti­tude of “I’ll buy it lat­er” then nev­er do. *cough cough* Why build it for a plat­form that nev­er buys it?

  2. DeathProof - March 1, 2010 8:23 am

    fyi smart-ass Xbox has banned over a mil­lion mod­ded con­soles recent­ly, that means … ohhh noo, ppl are rip­ping Xbox games too.


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