February 21, 2010

Arrrggg, Pirates be Among us

Antipi­rat­grup­pen (yea, u guessed it, an anti pirate com­pa­ny) notice a Pirate Bay user (mil­lions) was upload­ing from a Dan­ish IP, or more specif­i­cal­ly upload­ing new con­tent.  Mean­ing con­tribut­ing to the site, not just leach­ing, (u know who u are).  The anti-pira­cy agency, along with some cops and a war­rant raid­ed this dude’s house; they found sev­er­al hard dri­ves, and a web serv­er.  This did not hap­pen in the States, but has.  It seems that record com­pa­nies have start­ed to real­ize that arrest­ing a sin­gle moth­er for down­load­ing some of their copy­right­ed songs is just bad pub­lic­i­ty.  As it would be if Ubisoft decid­ed to sue a 20yr old kid a mil­lion bucks for down­load­ing a copy of Assas­sins Creed II from Thepiratebay.com or Btjunkie.com because he thinks online authen­ti­ca­tion every time he wants to play his game is shit, and it is.
So are these com­pa­nies, specif­i­cal­ly game devel­op­ment com­pa­nies and their asso­ciates real­ly sav­ing them­selves mon­ey by imple­ment­ing this type of authen­ti­ca­tion that Ubisoft seek, DRM (Dig­i­tal rights man­age­ment)?  Or are they just giv­ing “crack­ers” some­thing fun and inter­est­ing to do with their time?  One thing is for sure, their DRM wan­na be mon­ey sav­ing tac­tics sure are mak­ing a lot of good cus­tomers pissed and help­ing the boom­ing pirate com­mu­ni­ty.  If you’d like a laugh and to see how com­pa­nies have tried to threat­en and shut down sites like thepiratebay.com and btjunkie.com check this out :  http://thepiratebay.org/legal .  This is a hilar­i­ous list of emails and fax­es between com­pa­ny lawyers (Microsoft, EA, Sega, to name a few) and the good folks at the Pirate Bay lit­er­al­ly say­ing, ur a dip shit, I live in Swe­den, not in the States, go f*** urself.  They are enter­tain­ing, lol

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