March 2, 2010

PSN Brain Fart : Error 8001050F

Appar­ent­ly every­thing is back to nor­mal… Well I’m sure that thou­sands and thou­sands of PS3 own­ers feel like they’ve lost a part of their soul, had their mis­for­tune over­looked and were unable to play their favorite games.  This did not effect me, but no doubt if some­thing as sim­ple as my isp were to go down and give me some prob­lems I would expect answers, and soon.  Anoth­er thing is that tro­phies or achieve­ments and even some saves have been cor­rupt­ed.  I’m sure this fact alone kept PS3 users up all night search­ing for answers to their night­mares.
Sun­day night is when many PS3 users found them­selves up shit creek with­out a pad­dle.  They clocks were set to 12/31/99 which is not even some­thing that a user can man­u­al­ly set.  Although the Slim PS3’s do not seem to ever have been effect­ed, go fig­ure.  If you were one of the unfor­tu­nate, I feel for you : )

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