March 10, 2010

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

This is a game we have been look­ing for­ward to for awhile.  The first game as a mile­stone in sto­ry telling and a grand exam­ple of what a RPG should be.  It’s grit­ty com­bat, intest­ing char­ac­ters, sharp visu­al, excel­lent sound and out­stand­ing sto­ry made it one of the RPG’s to come out in years.   What we know so far is that it’s being devel­oped by CD Pro­jeckt and is sched­uled to be released some­time this year in 2010.
There is alot of hype sur­round­ing this game… espe­cial­ly after the release of the enhanced ver­sion of the witch­er which was released last year.  The graph­ics engine is being redone for the witch­er 2 so you can expect bet­ter visu­als, big­ger land­scapes and more cin­e­mat­ic fight­ing.  We do not have sys­tem require­ments for this game yet.  But we do that this is going to be a PC exclu­sive as of right now as there are no con­sole ver­sions planned.
Below is a Alpha demo of the game.  Keep note that every­thing with­in the demo is just that a demo of the prod­uct.  This should not reflect the final prod­uct which should come out lat­er this year.  We at thegamers­blog will keep you updat­ed with any new infor­ma­tion as we get it.

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