March 19, 2010


So any­one who knew me in col­lege will know that GOW is by far my favorite game series since freakin ever. I had the third GOW on pre-order since Nov. and was final­ly able to fin­ish the EPIC series this past week. I picked the game up on tues­day and had com­plet­ed Wednes­day. I know that makes it seem like a dis­ap­point­ly short game how­ev­er I did put a good 16hrs into it which is pret­ty aver­age for a game like this. What isnt aver­age is the shock val­ue and fun fac­tor that San­ta Mon­i­ca Stu­dios deliv­ered with this high­ly orig­i­nal and grip you till your como­to­se title.
Most game trilo­gies require that you play the every game in the tril­o­gy to under­stand and enjoy the games. This is par­tial­ly true with GOW, to tru­ly grasp the sto­ry and its ele­ments one much play from the begin­ning, how­ev­er game play val­ue and enjoy­ment fac­tor is not hin­dered if you havent played the first two games, you wont get the whole pic­ture you dont play it from the first game but  if all your in it for is the hack and slash good­ness youll not be dis­s­a­point­ed no mat­ter where you start­ed in the series, and after play­ing one will like­ly be enticed to play the oth­ers. What makes GOW III so notable? theres a few things.
1) New tech. GOW III was designed for and built around the PS3 and real­ly takes full advan­tage of the PS3’s hard­ware. It has a new light­ing design and the graph­ics with the excep­tion of some tex­tures are com­pa­ra­ble to some­thing you would see on a PC. The Dev’s real­ly got there hands dirty and in the end made a spec­tac­u­lar look­ing game.
2) Sto­ry. The sto­ry of Kratos and his rise from mere mor­tal­i­ty to claim­ing Ares’ thrown as the god of war to being betrayed and cast down from olym­pus is grip­ping to say the least and will keep you enthralled and unable to put the con­troller down the entire way through. I dont want to say much more about the plot and ruin it for those who havnt played, just know that the sto­ry is among the best and the man­ner in which it is told will keep you inter­est­ed to the very end.
3)Gameplay/characters. Gore, diss­mem­ber­ment and blood fling­ing hack­ing what more could you pos­si­bly want? The game play is pret­ty typ­i­cal of a hack n slash game, but GOW some­how man­ages to spice it up with unique com­bo moves and fin­ish­ers, you can either beat down on an ene­my till they die or you can fol­low the onscreen but­tom prompts which will yeild a com­bo of fin­ish­ing moves and bet­ter reward (orbs). The fin­ish­ing moves how­ev­er can be quite chal­leng­ing as it mix­es it up quite a bit and in some cas­es can be a bit lengthy, the result how­ev­er makes it entire­ly worth it, the com­bo moves act as a playable cin­e­mat­ic so to speak, its not pre ren­dered but the camerea angles and focus will give a most awsome visu­al to acro­bat­ic moves Kratos is pun­ish­ing his ene­mies with. And speak­ing of visu­als GOW deliv­ers 100%, the back­grounds are high­ly dynam­ic, in that there is usu­al­ly some­thing going on in the back ground that adds to the immer­sive and giant scale of the envi­ron­ment mak­ing the world come alive in a unique way. The scale should also be not­ed, you will guide Kratos through envi­ron­ments that will make Kratos look like a spec of dust from fight­ing on titans to nav­i­gat­ing a giant labrynth of epic pro­por­tion. The puz­zle play is also out stand­ing, its chal­len­gin yet not impos­si­ble to the point of frus­tra­tion. And last I was a tad dis­s­a­point­ed with the length but when I thought about it I real­ized that I had infact put a good 16hrs into the game which is what most games are any­more, I think 20 is more expect­ed but in the 16hrs it took me to beat the game it cer­tain­ly deliv­ered in an awsome way and in now way felt rushed or cut back. I alos­mot for­got the char­ac­ters, theres is alot to say about them but to keep it short GOW III into­duces new high­ly imag­i­na­tive crea­tures and new gods to go up against mak­ing for a fresh and unique addi­tion to the GOW series.  Ill stop here as this has got­ten kin­da long but if any­one has any ques­tions that I may have neglect­ed to men­tion post it and Ill be mor than hap­py to answer 😀
Look close­ly and youll see tiny Kratos on the Titan Gaia (The scale is EPIC)


  1. DeathProof - March 19, 2010 9:50 pm

    I’ve nev­er played any of this series as they are only for PS3, and well, I don’t have a PS3 : ( But ur look at GOW III is almost mak­ing me want to go out right now and pick up a PS3 and this title. It looks sweet. I heard there is a sto­ry behind some of the phys­i­cal attrib­ut­es of the main char­ac­ter, like the white skin. Ash­es from fam­i­ly mem­bers? Any oth­er cool things about him or this game that are not spoil­ers that stand out to you? : )

  2. PimpmasterF - March 19, 2010 10:56 pm

    I cant say about the white skin, I dont recall the game real­ly explain­ing that. the blad­ed chains how­ev­er are a bit inter­est­ing, they are seared to his arms in the first game as a bind­ing com­mit­ment to Ares the orig­i­nal god of war, Kratos strikes a deal with Ares at the begin­ning which is what lights the fire that is God of War. the sto­ry has its first twist at the very begin­ning of the first game when Kratos tries to kill him­self and the gods wont let him cuz want to use him to destroy Ares and promise him ret­ri­bu­tion and release from his tor­ment if he agrees. I believe its in the first game where you go to hell (hades) and get to fight your way back to the liv­ing world, par­tial­ly doing so on the titan cronos, (sor­ry its been a while since I played the orig­i­nal so my mem­o­ry is a bit fuzzy) you can kill things by lit­er­al­ly rip­ping them in half and tear­ing off their limbs and beat­ing them with it. You get to open Pan­do­ra’s Box which is not as epic as you might think but still inter­est­ing (it gives you the pow­er to kill a god)and through­out the first game the gods help Kratos by allow­ing him to uti­lize their pow­er such as Zues’ light­ing bolts, athenas sword, Posei­dens abitl­i­ty to breath under­wa­ter and so on. The sec­ond game changes it up by sid­ing Kratos with the titans as the gods betray him and trick him into los­ing his god like sta­tus. and like the first the titans grant him cer­tain abil­i­ties to help accom­plish the goals they set out for him kin­da using him as a tool for their own agen­da against the gods. Its cool how they tell the sto­ry too cuz it does­nt start like most games where it tells you the main premise and goes from there it starts with Kratos as a main char­ac­ter and builds his sto­ry kin­da like how a book would start out if you get my mean­ing. And along side the main sto­ry is a side focus which isnt appar­ent till the sec­ond game and then reit­ter­at­ed in the third, which is the war between the titans and the gods, its actu­al­ly quite unique and taste­full how they work the two togeth­er even though it is a fair­ly small part of the plot it stands out quite well. thats all I got for now, I could prob­a­bly tell more with more direct ques­tions 🙂

  3. PimpmasterF - March 19, 2010 10:57 pm

    Oh and Im glad you like the arti­cle, i thought maybe it was a bit drawn out and peo­ple would get board with it 😀

  4. PimpmasterF - March 19, 2010 11:11 pm

    Also while im on it ill tell a bit about the screens I post­ed.
    The sec­ond one with Kratos hold­ing some guys head, well that is Apol­lo the sun god and Kratos is rip­ping his head off which allows you to stun ene­mies with bursts of light and helps you find hid­den paths in game.
    The third with the giant bohemeth with the pur­ple hooks,(the hooks are used to take an indi­vuals soul out of their body). Thats the guy who replaced Kratos as the new god of war, you fight him (which is an awsome fight)and when you kill him you take his hooks and thus aquire a new weapon, they work much like the blades of chaos (Kratos’ orig­i­nal weapon) but with dif­fer­ent vari­a­tions of attacks.
    the fourth with the huge fire titan and the minataur. The minataur is a bit dif­fi­cult only cuz you have to fight off min­ions also but the fin­ish­ing move on the minataur is sick, you throw him to the ground and gut him and yes its very visu­al. the titan in the back­ground is fend­ing off Apol­lo while on his way to climb up mt. olym­pus.
    the last screen is the titan Gaia who for the first hour or so stands as a fight­ing plat­form and it is quite awsome. it is there that you kill posei­don. You also get to fight and kill Her­mes the mes­sen­ger of the gods and take his ankle things with wings which allow Kratos to charge ene­mies super fast and run up and along walls


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