March 26, 2010

GameCrush, Game With a Girl for Money?

All ppl that have lit­tle hope of actu­al­ly hav­ing a real rela­tion­ship, now is ur chance to get it on and destroy a girl in a fsp.  But if they own u, u should live the rest of ur days in shame, lol, jk.  I wrote about it at Air­borneGamer and thought it was inter­est­ing enough to give it a new look here.  This will run u about $50 bucks an hour (8.25 per 10 min­utes) and will allow gamers to play  head to head or co-op with a “will­ing” female.  Now for the 360 and said to be released for the PSN in the future, this will prove to all of us doubters once again, not mat­ter how “far fetched” an idea may seem, sex sells.  Just don’t go break­ing the Xbox LIVE Online Pol­i­cy now…

  • **Don’t dis­trib­ute, post, pub­lish, upload, dis­sem­i­nate or dis­cuss defam­a­to­ry, infring­ing, obscene, sex­u­al or unlaw­ful mate­ri­als.
  • **Don’t give out infor­ma­tion that per­son­al­ly iden­ti­fies you (such as your real name, address, phone num­ber, cred­it card num­ber, etc.) while you’re play­ing.
  • **Don’t use the Xbox LIVE Ser­vice for com­mer­cial pur­pos­es


  1. PimpmasterF - March 26, 2010 5:54 pm

    WTF??? Cant say im sur­prised but.….WTF??? I sup­pose it was only a mat­ter of time before some­one found a new way to get more mon­ey out of the gam­ing indus­try, and real­ly what bet­ter way then the untapped resource known as the “lone­ly nerd”. No offense but plain­ly put thats what its doing. I see this being a huge suc­cess and going bad­ly for some.

  2. thsoundman - March 27, 2010 10:00 am

    WTF is right. Seri­ous­ly this isn’t the mid 90’s where being a gamer = not being laid ever. There are ALOT of girls out there now days that play video games and on top of alot of them are pret­ty hot and smart to boot. It’s not that ahrd to go out and find a girl who has sim­i­lar tastes as you. Seri­ous­ly. If your life is in such a sad state where your gam­ing 15 hours a day and don’t have time to go meet some­one… I jsut don’t know what to say.

  3. PimpmasterF - March 27, 2010 5:14 pm

    LMAO, its fun­ny cuz its true, if you are so severe­ly in gam­ing that it takes over life in such a way that you cant have a life out­side of it then this will do noth­ing for you oth­er than drain your wal­let, but I kin­da think thats the point

  4. DeathProof - March 27, 2010 8:23 pm

    Yea for sure, prey­ing on the weak, but if they want to, wtf, its their choice, and I’m sure there will be plen­ty of ppl that “want to” do this kind of thing.


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