April 4, 2010

When Game Developers Screw Consumers

There comes a point with DLC and price where you are just screw­ing your con­sumer.  IW’s newest Map Pack is a prime exam­ple with this.  You would think with all the prob­lems IW has been hav­ing with MW2 they would try to release a cheap or free map pack to appease the mass­es and then on top of that try to fix alot of the issues that have been plagu­ing MW2 from the begin­ning.  Sad­ly, the newest DLC does does not meet any of these expec­ta­tions.  Instead, this is the most expen­sive DLC to date and the maps are… dis­ap­point­ing to say the least.  The map pack includes 5 new maps but two of them are only rehash­es of maps released with the orig­i­nal Mod­ern War­fare.  I’m avid­ly against the “dou­ble dip­ping” pol­i­cy that some com­pa­nies decide to par­tic­i­pate it.  Yes, I am talk­ing to you Peter Jack­son.  Mak­ing con­sumers pay for the same con­tent twice is uneth­i­cal at best and bor­der­line scam.   Just because it’s legal does­n’t mean you should do it.
I under­stand com­pa­nies are there to make mon­ey.  I under­stand that you need to pay your employ­ee’s.   When your game is one of the best sell­ing games of all time charg­ing top dol­lar for sub­par maps and rehash­es of old maps does­n’t speak well of your com­pa­ny.  It would be the equiv­i­lent of me going to a clients house, doing a half assed job, and then charg­ing them dou­ble for the job.  This would nev­er fly in the con­sult­ing world why does it fly in the Com­put­er Enter­tain­ment world?     Sad­ly con­sumers don’t take mat­ters into their own hands.  Con­sumers will con­tin­ue to shell out mon­ey for this DLC just because it’s MW2.
I’ve nev­er been a fan of pay DLC.   Even as ear­ly as six years ago pay­ing for DLC was almost unheard of aside from expan­sion packs released by the pub­lish­ers most “add-on” con­tent was released via third par­ty and was free 9 times out of 10.  With the devel­op­ment of the Xbox and PSN net­works they have effec­tive­ly con­trolled any con­tent that is  released on those sys­tems.  Now con­sumers not only pay 10 dol­lars more per game but they also pay extra mon­ey for “extra weapons and maps”.  Con­sumers have spent hun­dreds of mil­lions of dol­lars on DLC.  Pub­lish­ers have learned that peo­ple aren’t going to pay 30 dol­lars for a large map pack but theyll shell out 10 dol­lars 10 times in a row to addi­tion­al maps.  Pub­lish­ers are effec­tive­ly nick­le and dime­ing their con­sumers in almost the same method that banks do when you use an ATM, over­draft or fail to pay on time.
The name of this map pack is an oxy moron at best.  It does the com­plete oppo­siste of it’s title.  It nei­ther stim­u­lates any excite­ment nor does it help save you any mon­ey.  In fact it will cost you dou­ble what a nor­mal map pack costs.


  1. PimpmasterF - April 9, 2010 5:31 pm

    WTF????? Glad I havnt been play­ing MW2 late­ly oth­er­wise I may have been scammed into this lame DLC

  2. thsoundman - April 10, 2010 10:50 am

    Hehe­he­he­he yes you may have. But you would of called me first and I would of slapped some sense into you 😛


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