April 12, 2010

Fake Facebook Ad

“A mali­cious adver­tise­ment has been found with­in an appli­ca­tion for Face­book that redi­rects users to fake antivirus soft­ware, accord­ing to a secu­ri­ty researcher.  The ban­ner adver­tise­ment for greet­ing cards is inter­mit­tent­ly dis­played with an appli­ca­tion called Farm Town, which has more than 9 mil­lion month­ly users accord­ing to infor­ma­tion pub­lished on Face­book. If the bad Shock­wave Flash adver­tise­ment is dis­played, the user is redi­rect­ed from Face­book through sev­er­al domains and ends up on a Web site sell­ing fake antivirus soft­ware, said San­di Hard­meier, who stud­ies mali­cious adver­tise­ments and blogged about the issue.(See also “How to Remove Fake AV Soft­ware.”)” Says PC World.  You can read the full art­cile here
The Ad itself is said to be harm­less but it is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed that users NOT click on any of the ads claim­ing to clean their sys­tem.  It’s sort of fun­ny that they have to inform peo­ple not to click on mali­cious con­tent. 
Hack­ers and Mali­cious code writ­ers have been get­ting more and more insid­i­ous for years.  I have worked in the IT field for a lit­tle over five years now and I can hon­est­ly say that the meth­ods used by hack­ers to dupe unsus­pect­ing peo­ple into installing their mali­cious soft­ware are incred­i­bly clever.  The most preva­lent cas­es I see are peo­ple who believe the pop­ups that show up.  “The mes­sage said I was infect­ed so I installed the soft­ware and paid for it.”   said cus­tomer.  The sad thing is most peo­ple who pay for the soft­ware nev­er get their mon­ey back.  The most amus­ing case I saw was a lady who brought her Mac in.  She said “I think I have a virus can you check it out?”  I of course said yes and sat down and stud­ied the lap­top and went straight for her “doc­u­ments direc­to­ry.  Inside I found 18 copies of antivirus2009.exe.  The lady had tried to install a win­dows virus on her machine 18 con­sec­u­tive times.  This just goes to show how lit­tle atten­tion peo­ple pay to what pops up in front of them.
I think if you post­ed a pop that said “If you click here you will DIE!”  in big red let­ters and sent it out to 100 peo­ple that 75 of them would be dead.  It nev­er ceas­es to amaze me to how lit­tle atten­tion peo­ple pay to their sur­round­ings.


  1. vudu - April 12, 2010 9:11 pm

    I thought Mac’s were adver­tised as virus/spyware free?

  2. Hippie - April 13, 2010 8:15 am

    Peo­ple can be real­ly dumb at times. I remem­ber read­ing.. I think it was the gui­ness world records book, that an some guy put up an ad adver­tis­ing a virus and peo­ple acu­tal­ly down­loaded it.

  3. thsoundman - April 13, 2010 8:18 am

    Hippe stat­ed it at it’s finest. Peo­ple don’t look any­more before they do things. I can remem­ber near every­thing I click on and I can track back where I messed somthing up. But thats just me and a very select few behind me. It’s the rea­son IT pro­fes­sion­als like me will always be in demand. Peo­ple don’t think they just do. Sad­ly today we have been hit with SO many adver­tise­ments that we just click every­thing and we then in turn pay the price.

  4. DeathProof - April 13, 2010 1:34 pm

    Yea, it helps to have the info out there about this crap, but there are still plen­ty of noobs out there that will get infect­ed.

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