2010 June

June 29, 2010

Shadow of the Colossus Remake! Colossal!

Sev­er­al retail­ers have list­ed HD remakes of pop­u­lar ICO games includ­ing Shad­ow of the Colossus(SOTC).  This is a very inter­st­ing devel­op­ment as SOTC is one of my favorite games of all time.  The col­lec­tion is due out next June accord­ing to Ama­zon France.  While this isn’t an off­i­cal con­fir­ma­tion of the HD release the pres­i­dent of SCE World­wide Stu­dios  Shuhei Yoshi­da stat­ed at E3 that SCE World­wide Stu­dios would be releas­ing HD ver­sions of sev­er­al of it’s pop­u­lar Playstation2 games.  We will keep you updat­ed as we find more infor­ma­tion!

June 25, 2010

Steam Offering More Insane Deals

Right now Steam is run­ning it’s Inde­pen­dence day spe­cial.  You can get games from almost every pub­lish­ers at high­ly dis­count­ed rates.  Some of the games include Bioshock II $14.99, The Witch­er: Direc­tors Cut $6.99,  Counter-Strike:  Source $6.99 and many many oth­ers.  I’m glad to see that Steam is help­ing to fight against pira­cy by offer­ing so many great deals.  Steam is also offer­ing spe­cials on not only the games but pub­lish packs.  Right now you can get the THQ com­plete pack which includes all of the Dawn of War series, Com­pa­ny of Heros series, Stalk­er, Metro 2033, and sev­er­al oth­ers for only $50?  I have bought sev­er­al games already at these low prices.  Steam tends to hurt my bank book quite often.  I sus­pect that over the next few days that they are going to have even more amaz­ing spe­cials. Read more…

June 20, 2010

Eve Online: The Most In Depth Online Universe Ever?

We have been play­ing EVE online for over two months now and the game just keeps get­ting bet­ter.  On the sur­face the games looks like your stan­dard sci-fi MMO fare.  How­ev­er, once you start to play the game you soon real­ize this could­n’t be fur­ther from the truth.  I should point out that eve is not meant for every­one.  Eve has many facets of play with­in in.  You can focus com­plete­ly on com­bat, con­struc­tion, econ­o­my, min­ing, plan­e­tary min­ing, research, etc.  There are so many things to do with­in the game. The thing that real­ly sets eve apart from the rest of the herd is how it pro­gress­es the play­er.  Most MMO style games have the grind for­mu­la.  The play­er has to kill a mouse 5000 times to increas­es his char­ac­ters lev­el so he can increase his char­ac­ters stats so heRead more…

June 9, 2010

Battleground Europe 1.31 Graphics Rehaul Released

After almost two years in devel­op­ment the team at Cor­nered Rat soft­ware has released the much antic­i­pat­ed 1.31 release for Bat­tle­ground Europe.  Bat­tle­ground Europe (World War II Online) has been run­ning on the Uni­ty I graph­ics engine since it’s release.  The engine fea­tures no physics and is over 11 years old.  The engine has been heav­i­ly mod­i­fied over the years to add some more appeal­ing graph­ics but that could only take the game so far.  The new graph­ics update fea­tures the addi­tion of physics, weath­er and updat­ed cap­ture mechan­ics for towns.  The update also fea­tures updat­ed mod­els and tex­tures for build­ings, vehi­cles, and infantry and helps every­thing to look more real­is­tic.  The game has a whole new feel to it that is quite refresh­ing.  You can read the full list of updates here.  I’ve played Bat­tle­ground Europe ever since itRead more…

June 6, 2010

Supreme Commander 2 for 10.99 on Steam

Dur­ing this week­end on Steam you can pick up Supreme Com­man­der 2 for for 10.99.  This is the fol­low up sequel to Supreme Com­man­der which was an amaz­ing game itself.  If you are inter­est­ed head on over to steam and pick it up there.

June 3, 2010

The Linux Project

I am cur­rent­ly in the process of learn­ing how to set­up a lin­ux box to do every­thing from host­ing to play­ing games to host­ing files, DHCP, DNS and SAMBA.  I am cur­rent­ly doc­u­ment­ing every­thing I am doing with­in our forums.  While this is not relat­ed to gam­ing direct­ly I think those of you who game and are in the IT field will enjoy this.  For those of you who have been look­ing for a good tuto­r­i­al on a sim­ple lin­ux box this should be an inter­est­ing read for you.   In this project I am going to be attempt­ing the fol­low­ing things: build a dns serv­er (bind or named) build a sql/apache serv­er build a gateway/router serv­er (ipt­a­bles) com­pile a ker­nel to include all dri­vers into the ker­nel com­pile a ker­nel to exclude dri­vers (build and use ker­nel mod­ules instead) buildRead more…

June 2, 2010

Valve Has a Surpise for Us?

Valve sent a rather odd email to Toms Hard­ware the oth­er day.  It announced that it would be ditch­ing it’s big Por­tal 2 announce­ment at this years E3 event.  Instead it plans to announce some­thing much big­ger.  The mys­te­ri­ous email they received is here: “Dear Sub­ject Name Here, Aper­ture Sci­ence is pleased to inform you that we have part­nered with Valve to announce the gala CANCELLATION of the June 14 Por­tal 2 event at the Regal The­ater. The event will be replaced by a sur­prise. And even though the can­cel­la­tion of the event cer­tain­ly counts as a sur­prise, we are pleased to fur­ther announce that the can­cel­la­tion of the event is not THE sur­prise. How­ev­er, per Inter­na­tion­al treaties regard­ing the def­i­n­i­tion of the word “sur­prise”, of which both Aper­ture Sci­ence and Valve are sig­na­to­ries, the time, date and con­tent ofRead more…

June 1, 2010

StarCraft II Beta Extended Until June 7th

While July 27th may feel like an enter­ni­ty away there is some good news for die hard Star­Craft fans that have been dread­ing the end of the Star­Craft II beta.  Bliz­zard announced yes­ter­day that it would be extend­ing the beta for Star­Craft II until June 7th.  The game will be tak­en down and be made unavail­able for some  time as they go into the final phase of test­ing.  Dur­ing this down­time bliz­zard will be mak­ing final hard­ware and soft­ware tweaks.  The beta will be put back up two weeks pri­or to the release.  The off­i­cal state­ment fol­lows below: “We pre­vi­ous­ly announced that the first phase of the Star­Craft II beta test would be com­ing to a close in all regions on Mon­day, May 31. In order to pre­pare for the final phase of beta test­ing, we plan to extend theRead more…

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