June 2, 2010

Valve Has a Surpise for Us?

Valve sent a rather odd email to Toms Hard­ware the oth­er day.  It announced that it would be ditch­ing it’s big Por­tal 2 announce­ment at this years E3 event.  Instead it plans to announce some­thing much big­ger.  The mys­te­ri­ous email they received is here:
Dear Sub­ject Name Here,
Aper­ture Sci­ence is pleased to inform you that we have part­nered with Valve to announce the gala CANCELLATION of the June 14 Por­tal 2 event at the Regal The­ater. The event will be replaced by a sur­prise. And even though the can­cel­la­tion of the event cer­tain­ly counts as a sur­prise, we are pleased to fur­ther announce that the can­cel­la­tion of the event is not THE sur­prise. How­ev­er, per Inter­na­tion­al treaties regard­ing the def­i­n­i­tion of the word “sur­prise”, of which both Aper­ture Sci­ence and Valve are sig­na­to­ries, the time, date and con­tent of the actu­al sur­prise will only become avail­able as you expe­ri­ence the sur­prise.
If you’d like to ask fruit­less ques­tions about the E3 Por­tal 2 sur­prise or, more fruit­ful­ly, sched­ule an appoint­ment to attend a Por­tal 2 screen­ing at the Valve booth dur­ing E3, please con­tact Valve’s Spe­cial Envoy to Sur­pris­es.
Thank you for «RECORD SCRATCH!!!»
PS: The sur­pris­ing record scratch is also not the sur­prise.”
Does this mean that we will final­ly be get­ting the Half Life: Episode 3 everoyne has been wait­ing for?  Or per­haps will we be see­ing the announce­ment of Half-Life 3 or Coun­ter­Strike 2?  We will see dur­ing E3.  What do you guys think it is?

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  1. Hippie - June 3, 2010 10:35 am

    Counter4tress of defeat source: episode 1


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