June 9, 2010

Battleground Europe 1.31 Graphics Rehaul Released

After almost two years in devel­op­ment the team at Cor­nered Rat soft­ware has released the much antic­i­pat­ed 1.31 release for Bat­tle­ground Europe.  Bat­tle­ground Europe (World War II Online) has been run­ning on the Uni­ty I graph­ics engine since it’s release.  The engine fea­tures no physics and is over 11 years old.  The engine has been heav­i­ly mod­i­fied over the years to add some more appeal­ing graph­ics but that could only take the game so far. 
The new graph­ics update fea­tures the addi­tion of physics, weath­er and updat­ed cap­ture mechan­ics for towns.  The update also fea­tures updat­ed mod­els and tex­tures for build­ings, vehi­cles, and infantry and helps every­thing to look more real­is­tic.  The game has a whole new feel to it that is quite refresh­ing.  You can read the full list of updates here
I’ve played Bat­tle­ground Europe ever since it was open beta back when the graph­ics were card­board box style.  The game has seen many changes over the years and pro­vides one of the most authen­tic and tense World War II expe­ri­ences out there.  The game caters to those who like to work in groups and achieve objec­tives.  It also pro­vides one of largest assort­ment of play­er vehi­cles, class­es and deploy­able struc­tures to date.    If you have played this game or have thought of try­ing this game you will not be dis­ap­point­ed. 
You can check out Bat­tle­ground Europe by  going here.


  1. T8 - June 10, 2010 5:16 pm

    now its time for me to check out WWI­IOn­line. Btw Brad your link at the bot­tom of the arti­cle isnt work­ing <_<

  2. YaRight - June 13, 2010 1:44 pm

    I played it when it 1st came out in 99/00 Have also played last 2.5 years. Now 1.31 is up and run­ning. Love the graph­ics, but, been killed so many times by guys that dont even raised there guns. Thought the LAG Death was goin to be fixed or tamed down a lot. I have been run­ning at 20+ FPS. Also the armoured car can be killed by small arms fire. Thought it was made to pro­tect from small arms fire. And the atg/aaa guns with HE rounds do not have a kill radius/zone at all. You need a direct hit with these to kill any­thing, espe­cial­ly the infantry. My his­to­ry says HE (high explo­sive) rounds had a kill radius. The Axis side equip­ment appears to die eas­i­er than the Allied side equip­ment. A panz­er dieing from small arms fire? Not that I ever heard of. Many holes in game. Graph­ics major­ly improved, kud­dos for that. Need deparate­ly to fix the holes in armour that allow easy kills. The AXIS equip­ment dont live up to its pro­tec­tion pote­nial by a long shot.
    If I could I would like my mon­ey back. Paid for a year and have been cheat­ed out of full use by a 3 week lame inter­mis­sion where we beta test­ed the 1.31. Did­nt know I had to pay for being a beta tester. Also the sce­nario was a D‑Day thing. Which was­nt a bad idea, but the axis were lim­it­ed on sup­plies as part of it. As the Allies got fur­ther away from sup­ply lines, their sup­ply did­nt decrease as it should. The Axis got clos­er to its sup­ply lines and it did­nt increase as it should. So, the Axis did­nt have a chance at all to sur­vive. Many were very dis­grun­tled by the whole thing.
    Signed. Frus­trat­ed for TOO LONG


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