June 20, 2010

Eve Online: The Most In Depth Online Universe Ever?

We have been play­ing EVE online for over two months now and the game just keeps get­ting bet­ter.  On the sur­face the games looks like your stan­dard sci-fi MMO fare.  How­ev­er, once you start to play the game you soon real­ize this could­n’t be fur­ther from the truth.  I should point out that eve is not meant for every­one.  Eve has many facets of play with­in in.  You can focus com­plete­ly on com­bat, con­struc­tion, econ­o­my, min­ing, plan­e­tary min­ing, research, etc.  There are so many things to do with­in the game.
The thing that real­ly sets eve apart from the rest of the herd is how it pro­gress­es the play­er.  Most MMO style games have the grind for­mu­la.  The play­er has to kill a mouse 5000 times to increas­es his char­ac­ters lev­el so he can increase his char­ac­ters stats so he can com­pete on a high­er lev­el.  This can real­ly put the casu­al gamer at a big dis­ad­van­tage unless he sinks the same amount of time into the game.  Eve, instead of hav­ing the grind and repeat for­mu­la uses a “skill” based sys­tem.  Every­thing with­in the game requires a cer­tain skill to use.  Skills have 5 lev­els and for every lev­el it will increase the effi­cien­cy at which that item is used.  Skills can take any­where from 8 min­utes to 60 plus days to com­plete.  Skills train even if you are not online.  While this skill devel­op­ment path can turn some off say­ing it’s to slow it actu­al­ly pro­vides a side ben­e­fit of help­ing you learn every­thing you use and teach­es you how to use it well.
Com­bat in EVE can very much depend­ing on what you want to do.   Engage­ment can range from 2 v 2 gangs to 1000 vs 1000 fleets engage­ments.  As you might guess the tac­tics you can employ very great­ly depend­ing on the sit­u­a­tion.  Eve as a whole has a much slow­er and method­i­cal feel to it how­ev­er dur­ing com­bat it’s quite the oppo­site.  All ships with­in EVE are play­er cre­at­ed and pur­chased.  Your ship(s) do not respawn when you die and some ships in EVE are extreme­ly expen­sive.  Loos­ing a ship can be both dev­as­tat­ing and heart break­ing.  So being care­ful in engage­ments is extreme­ly impor­tant.   Ships in EVE are com­plete­ly cus­tomiz­able you can change every­thing on them include the weapons, weapon ammu­ni­tion, pow­er and CPU mod­i­fi­ca­tions, shield and armor mod­i­fi­ca­tions.   This makes how you approach com­bat entire­ly up to you.
EVES econ­o­my is almost 100% play­er dri­ven.  Every­thing from the mate­ri­als to the ships used with­in the game are made and sold by play­ers.  Very few things with­in the game are pro­vid­ed by the game devs them­selves.  The econ­o­my works just like a real world econ­o­my.  Prices are set and made depend­ing on mar­ket demand and volatil­i­ty.
Anoth­er inter­est­ing aspect of eve is peo­ples char­ac­ter and rep­u­ta­tion.  EVE tends to emu­late what peo­ple will do in real life to get ahead of one anoth­er.  Dan­ger lurks around every cor­ner and you can wind up being betrayed over night by the peo­ple you called friends.  Every­thing with­in EVE is based upon play­er choice and deci­sion.  A sim­ple deci­sion can plunge an entire region of space into war cost­ing bil­lions of in game mon­ey.  You rep­u­ta­tion will fol­low you and if you have sided with the wrong peo­ple at one time you can find your­self with a boun­ty on your head and being hunt­ed every­where you go.
Eve is sep­a­rat­ed into three parts.  HiSec which is safe space where you can roam around in rel­a­tive safe­ty (unless your cor­po­ra­tion is at war with anoth­er).  Low sec which is less safe then high sec but as long as you don’t won­der off  to explore to much by your­self you should be fine and final­ly Null Sec.  Null Sec is where the game real­ly becomes enjoy­able.  High Sec and Low Sec space are NOT owned by play­ers.  They are owned by the in game races (Cal­dari, Min­matar, Amarr and Gal­lente).  In Null Sec every­thing is owned and con­trolled by play­ers, cor­po­ra­tions and alliances.  Wars are fought over pol­i­tics, resources and greed.
EVE is a fan­tas­tic game.  It is one of the few MMO that I myself actu­al­ly enjoy­ing every time I play it.  I can find myself sit­ting down to play EVE for hours at a time and not even real­ize the time has passed.  I per­son­al­ly had around 1 year of actu­al play time in EVE and I am still learn­ing new things about the game every.


  1. T8 - June 22, 2010 4:43 am

    Im sure its a great game, but you know how i am. If i cant get at least 300 kills in an hour, its not the game for me.

  2. Larry - July 16, 2010 8:07 pm

    EVE is prob­a­bly one of the best games I have ever played — it is defi­nate­ly to best MMO out there. The depth of game­play is some­thing you can work on for years and nev­er mas­ter. CCP also has it right by NOT charg­ing for expan­sions the way oth­er MMO’s do. Game­play just keeps get­ting bet­ter. As far as PvP goes — there is some­thing to be said for qual­i­ty over quan­ti­ty — not to men­tion tac­tics.


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