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July 29, 2010

Impressive numbers from a small outlet.

G4 report­ed today that the research firm Fore­cast­ing & Ana­lyz­ing Dig­i­tal Enter­tain­ment put out their report of how much Xbox Live Arcade has made in the past year end­ing on June 30th, a stag­ger­ing $46 mil­lion. This is just a small out­let but a very pop­u­lar down­load ser­vice, and the most orga­nized on any con­sole. I love the Arcade and have spent a pret­ty pen­ny on some great games from this ser­vice. Here’s the break­down of the top gross­ing games from last year. Toy Sol­diers (Sig­nal Stu­dios) – $4.6 mil­lion (1200 MSP) Tri­als HD (Red­L­ynx) – $4.4 mil­lion (800 – 1200 MSP) Cas­tle Crash­ers (The Behe­moth) – $2.9 mil­lion (800 – 1200 MSP) Bat­tle­field 1943 (EA DICE) – $2.5 mil­lion (800 – 1200 MSP) Per­fect Dark (4J Stu­dios) – $2.4 mil­lion (800 MSP) Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 2 (Cap­com) – $1.8 mil­lion (800 – 1200 MSP) Fam­i­ly Game NightRead more…

July 29, 2010

3DS will get price point and release date.…..soon

Today we final­ly got a date on a price point and release date for Nin­ten­do’s next hand­held. VG247 report­ed that Nin­ten­do talked to Bloomberg Japan and they will be hold­ing an event on Sep­tem­ber 29th to unveil the price and release date for their 3D hand­held. It it known for sure that it will be out by the end of their fis­cal year end­ing next March. My pre­dic­tion is next Febu­rary and the at the love­ly retail price of $199.99. I real­ly can’t see it going any high­er than that, it is empres­sive tech but I real­ly don’t think they want to out gun the Wii with the price. The orig­i­nal DS launched at $249.99, since this is more of an advance­ment on that hard­ware the price should be kept rea­son­able. It’s the same step the Game­boy took to theRead more…

July 29, 2010

Halo Reach: First look at new campaign trailer

Halo Reach is final­ly com­ing out in rough­ly two months and today there was final­ly some light shed on the cam­paign side of things. The trail­er real­ly does­n’t show off much in the was of nar­ra­tive but the new tech the game is run­ning on is impres­sive to say the least. I have always held the Halo series in high regard and love all things in the uni­verse. This is one of my most antic­i­pat­ed games this year and can’t wait to sink some seri­ous time into it when it launch­es on 9/14/10. Hit the link for the video. http://g4tv.com/videos/47746/Halo-Reach-The-Battle-Begins-Trailer/

July 29, 2010

Jimmy Fallon sets Gaming Record

So as I always do when I am up late, I usu­al­ly leave the late night talk shows on TV while I am play­ing Eve Online, World of War­craft, or recent­ly Star­craft 2. How­ev­er on this evening Late Night with Jim­my Fal­lon caught my eye. Every so often Fal­lon does a bit on his show where he attempts to break or cre­ate world records. Usu­al­ly they are sil­ly and are ideas no one has thought of or attempt­ed before. Well as an offi­cial record, Jim­my Fal­lon has played the most dif­fer­ent gam­ing con­soles in 60 sec­onds. They rolled out a long table with 10 con­soles on them. They con­sist­ed of Nin­ten­do Enter­tain­ment Sys­tem (NES), Super Nin­teno, Sega Gen­e­sis, Nin­ten­do 64, Dream­cast, Playsta­tion, Playsta­tion 2,  Xbox, Playsta­tion 3, Wii, and Xbox 360. All con­soles were on and loaded with game clas­sics rang­ing from Leg­end ofRead more…

July 26, 2010

Banning Punishment = Free Game

  This past week­end many Steam users were unfor­tu­nate­ly banned from Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare 2. What was the cause you ask? Noth­ing more than a Valve screw up. Valve’s anti-cheat soft­ware banned ran­dom users for no oth­er rea­son than an error. In response to the ban­ning errors, Pres­i­dent of Valve Gabe Newell, came out and said it was a mis­take and apol­o­gized. As part of the apol­o­gy Valve restored the banned accounts and  gave out two free copies of Left 4 Dead 2. One for the user and one to give to a friend. They also sent out an apol­o­gy mail along with the games which you can read here: Hello,Recently, your Steam account was erro­neous­ly banned from Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare 2. This was our mis­take, and I apol­o­gize for any frus­tra­tion or angst it may have caused you. TheRead more…

July 26, 2010

China’s Autobot

What can you do with 6 tons of scrap from recy­cled cars? What else build a 38 foot tall trans­former! Chi­na built the robot in dis­guise in cel­e­bra­tion of “Green Dream Park”, to show that they are a clean­er and green­er coun­try. The huge repli­ca is made from 6 tons of recy­cled car parts and stands by Bei­jing’s Bird Nest Olympic Sta­di­um, here’s a pic­ture. Japan built a sim­i­lar robot but from the Gun­dam Uni­verse for the 30th anniver­sary of the ani­me last year around the same time. The Gun­dam bot was not from recy­cled mate­ri­als and it stood a stag­ger­ing 59 feet tall and was com­plete with light­ing. Now the ques­tion is why can’t we do some­thing just as cool? I will be more than hap­py to build a giant Voltron out of soda cans if some one would give me the chance. Any­one with me?

July 25, 2010

Two Fighting Games Combine Powers

Two great fight­ing games will come togeth­er to make Street Fight­er X Tekken. The announce­ment was made at Com­ic-Con when Tekken pro­duc­er, Kat­suhi­ro Hara­da, inter­rupt­ed the Street Fight­er IV pan­el. The audi­ence was suprised with a teas­er trail­er of Ryu fight­ing Kazuya Mishi­ma. After that the audi­ence was also giv­en a chance to play a live demo of the upcom­ing game. Street Fight­er X Tekken will have a sim­i­lar look and feel to Street Fight­er IV with 2D side scrolling fight­ing and graph­ics. Kat­suhi­ro Hara­da also added that Nam­co is devel­op­ing anoth­er ver­sion called Tekken X Street Fight­er that will be more on the style of the Tekken games, with 3D fight­ing are­nas. Both games have a ways to go before being released as they are still work­ing on Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 3. All these games will be for both PS3 and Xbox 360

July 23, 2010

PC Gamers Apparently to Good for Console Gamers

Over the years there has been a con­stant on going bat­tle over the past few years with the rise of con­soles and fall of PC about the supe­ri­or­i­ty of the Key­board and Mouse over the con­troller and which plat­form is bet­ter for gam­ing in gen­er­al.    There has also been ques­tions as to why PC and Con­sole gamers are not allowed to have it out in one all out epic bat­tle over the Inter­net to decide the supe­ri­or­i­ty of their plat­form once and for all.  Accord­ing to VoodooPC founder and HP CTO Rahul Sood  there was at one point in time their was a project in devel­op­ment that would allow gamers from both PC and Xbox alike to talk and bat­tle over the Inter­net.  Once Microsoft began to test it they canned it.  Why?  Because con­sole gamers were no match forRead more…

July 21, 2010

First Reaction: Limbo

Dark, mor­bid, fan­tas­tic. I nev­er real­ly real­ly got Braid. It was a fun plat­former, but some­thing made me hes­i­tant on the hype machine behind the game. Maybe it was the art style, maybe I just nev­er con­nect­ed with the main char­ac­ter. Lim­bo is my Braid. I get Lim­bo and what it is set­ting out to do. I get why this game has been get­ting rave reviews and what all the pre-release talk was about. The haunt­ing art style and tone, to the fun orig­i­nal plat­form­ing. I have not seen a game this inven­tive or cre­ative in quite some time. Ace­of­Nades will have a review post­ed in a few days, but atleast down­load the tri­al and see the mag­ic Lim­bo offers.

July 20, 2010

What is Wrong With $14.95?

For years I have played var­i­ous games — every­thing from sim­ple addic­tive “Pop­cap Games” to stan­dard MMO fare. Before try­ing MMOs, I had always dis­missed them as a waste of mon­ey, pro­claim­ing that “I shall nev­er play a game requir­ing a pay­ment sub­scrip­tion.” Fast­for­ward sev­en years into the future and I own 3 dif­fer­ent accounts among two dif­fer­ent games. What changed my mind about MMOs and the pay to play busi­ness mod­el? Why would I spend most of my free time play­ing MMOs instead of oth­er games? Let’s start off by ask­ing is $14.95 a lot of mon­ey to play a game?  When I got to think­ing about it more most peo­ple spend $50 or more on just their cof­fee at Star­bucks let alone oth­er things they throw their mon­ey at.  In all real­i­ty $14.95 is not that much mon­eyRead more…

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