July 9, 2010

Wing Suits, Explosions, and Freaks! Oh my!

So I have had a few days to get into this and I have to say it’s a pret­ty fun game. If your into crazy gun fights, explo­sions, and run­ning over freak zom­bies then this is the game for you. Now if you played the first Crack­down you will rec­og­nize a lot of the city, only this time its a bit destroyed. Parts of Pacif­ic City have suf­fered great­ly with build­ings on fire and roofs crum­bling in. It was a good time to run around on Co-op hunt­ing down orbs, which become an addic­tion due to the fact that this will make you more pow­er­ful. Unlock­ing the flight suit after final­ly get­ting enough agili­ty orbs is a fun addi­tion to the game. After you get down the con­trols you can eas­i­ly glide to any­where on the map.  And who does­n’t enjoy sky­div­ing out of the agency heli­copter at the high­est point? Now while all that is good and fun, there are a few things that can annoy you. There are a few glitch­es like get­ting stuck in a wall or get­ting locked in a car that can frus­trate but they don’t hap­pen all to much. Get­ting rock­et spammed or grenade spammed by Cell guys can be frus­trat­ed too, as it knocks you down and can­not move to get away. The game is most­ly run here shoot all this, run there shoot all that and it can get repetitve but over­all Crack­down 2 is a fun expieri­ence. The abil­i­ty to go online and play with 3 oth­er friends in co-op or take on 15 oth­er online foes in mul­ti­play­er is what will make this game an enjoy­able time. Com­ing up with new ways to blow things up can always enter­tain. I would have to put my rat­ing and a sol­id 7.5/10 over­all with a high replay val­ue. That’s just one guys opin­ion. Try it and enjoy it for your­self.


  1. thsoundman - July 9, 2010 8:07 am

    Orbs? This sounds more like fable then it does crack­down.

  2. ScrotusKilmystr - July 11, 2010 2:40 pm

    ah yes crack­down is what real­ly hap­pens when mario eats those damn mush­rooms he gets stronger by the minute obsessed with col­lect­ing those damn orbs ( or “coins”) and takes out any­one in his way.
    No real­ly I loved the 1st crack­down this was was on par but the look of crack­down 1 was bet­ter maybe because they put more ene­mies and npc’s on the screen at once in the sequal.


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