July 15, 2010

Medal of Honor Beta Review

So I got a chance to play the beta for Medal of Hon­or on PS3 last night and thought I would share my thoughts on it.
First off as soon as you jump into a game the first thing you will notice (or at least I did) is the graph­ics and detail. Yes there are some graph­i­cal bugs, but keep in mind IT IS A BETA. It is a non-fin­ished prod­uct. With that aside the game is beau­ti­ful. I am will­ing to go out on a limb and say MOH maybe the best look­ing FPS to date. Every­thing is very smooth and its reac­tion to explo­sions and gun­fire are spot on. Now as you play, you get to choose from 3 base class­es. Oper­a­tor, Spec Ops, and a Sniper. Each class has a dif­fer­ent main weapon and sec­ondary weapon. When you change sides the names change but the class­es are the same. Only dif­fer­ence is instead of a M16 you may use an AK-47. There is a lev­el­ing sys­tem very much sim­i­lar to the Bat­tle­field: Bad Com­pa­ny games. This is due to the fact that DICE (respon­si­ble for Bad Com­pa­nys mul­ti­play­er) is also head­ing the mul­ti­play­er for MOH. There are also kill­streak rewards like in Call of Duty, but when you unlock your reward, you are giv­en the choice of either a mor­tar strike or call in a UAV instead of just one at a time. As you lev­el just like in Bad Com­pa­ny, you will unlock scopes, guns, and things like extra mags. The map lay­out is the usu­al FPS stan­dard. Two lev­els, high and low. Open areas mixed with tight close quar­ters. Real­ly the only issue I had with it was when­ev­er I died there was a small lag spike, then my guy would fall over. My bud­dy I was play­ing with also encoun­tered this prob­lem, but again it is a beta. With a few lit­tle glitch­es here and there I don’t see any rea­son why this can’t put up a good fight agais­nt Call of Duty this hol­i­day sea­son. Medal of Hon­or has good promise to become the new stan­dard in first per­son shoot­ers.
Medal of Hon­or is set to hit shelves Octo­ber 12


  1. T8 - July 15, 2010 2:39 pm

    Ill stick with MOH till they dont cre­ate any new games. its the COD games i cant stand.

  2. AceOfNades69 - July 15, 2010 2:47 pm

    Yea with the Activi­sion VS Infin­i­ty Ward explo­sion, I would­n’t be suprised if MOH sells bet­ter than COD

  3. IGotYouDude - July 15, 2010 4:13 pm

    It Was Not All That I Dont Know What Game You Were Play­ing But It Was To Much Like Bat­tle­Field BC.…… Garbage

  4. CABXYZ - July 15, 2010 9:47 pm

    I played the Beta all day today and could not get enough. There are prob­lems but that is why it is a beta. If they can fix the bugs and short com­ings in the next cou­ple of months we have a very good con­tender on our hands. It felt like Battlefield:close com­bat. I know it is made by DICE and that is not a bad thing. I skipped play­ing the first Mod­ern War­fare’s mul­ti­play­er for the first Bad Com­pa­ny. I did the same with the sec­ond to play BC2 and I still play BC2 more than any oth­er mul­ti­play­er game out there. CoD feels like I’m play­ing paint­ball, BC feels like a war­zone, and so does MoH. That’s what gets to me more, not say­ing that the CoD games are bad because they are far from it. It’s just the repetive­ness of them. Since Mod­ern War­fare, every CoD just feels resk­ined and put in a dif­fer­ent wrap­per. If MoH can fix the few bugs, I will be lay­ing down my $60 for it and Black Ops can have all the shelf space it needs.

  5. AceOfNades69 - July 15, 2010 9:50 pm

    I def­i­nite­ly got an authen­tic mil­i­tary war­zone feel while play­ing

  6. thsoundman - July 16, 2010 7:57 am

    That is one of the main rea­sons I liked BC2 or MW just because it felt authen­tic and the fact that I did­n’t feel like a “cha ching” every time i popped in the game.
    BC2 feels tense, fast and fierce where i nev­er got that feel­ing play­ing Mod­ren War­fare. In MW2 I was nev­er try­ing to avoid ene­my fire…flank… sur­prise… etc. It’s just one big “rat race”.

  7. thsoundman - July 16, 2010 1:35 pm

    I played this for a lit­tle bit last night. Game looks pret­ty sharp. It defi­nate­ly does need some pol­ish but that’s not to be unex­pect­ed for a beta release. I can’t wait to see the final PC prod­uct.

  8. ScrotusKilmystr - July 21, 2010 2:59 pm

    Was informed by CABXYZ this morn­ing that the beta was up for the 360. I had a free beta code so tried it out alit­tle before work. I have to say the game play is a pret­ty good mar­riage of mw and bat­tle­field. Played out the attack/defend type but it was real­ly good deffi­nite­ly got the bc2 feel but dif­fer­ent.
    Down side was I know it’s a beta but looks more like an alpha on the 360 slighty bet­ter graph­ics that coun­ter­strike and the Unre­al enigne shows it’s true col­ors ugh any­one who’s played gow online knows what i mean but not to that extent. i hope these issues sre fixed and the graph­ics are amped up by release because I real­ly enjoyed what lit­tle time I spent on it today


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