July 17, 2010

1vs.100 we hardly knew ye!

It was announced ear­li­er this week that the online gameshow 1vs.100 was get­ting can­celed and wound not return for a third sea­son. 1vs.100 was a online gameshow across Xbox Live that gave away real prizes, had a very enter­tain­ing host (Chris Cash­man) and was a great time to play with friends. It’s sad to see such an ambi­tious project go sour. I can remem­ber count­less hours answer­ing ques­tions, just chat­ing with the par­ty I was in, and laugh­ing at peo­ple who would loose all the Microsoft points they earned on a sim­ple ques­tion.
Poor man­ag­ment was the “off­i­cal” cause for the demise of the game. It was some­thing that seemed ahead of it’s time. It brought togeth­er a net­work of gamers to com­pete in a large gameshow with noth­ing to buy, noth­ing to down­load (except for the ini­tial down­load which was very light) just click on the prime­time win­dow sit back and enjoy. I would love to see this make a come­back as well as oth­er shows like this. The big three talk about casu­al gam­ing and that it is impor­tant to the indus­try, well this was your great­est achiev­ment it that realm. No wag­gle, no sports games, no shov­el­ware, no con­troller free motion con­trol could ever touch the poti­en­tial this ser­vice. For get Price is Right on the Wii what if you could play it with peo­ple free of charge and against thou­sand, with the chance of win­ning real prizes. This ser­vice has great poten­tial and it showed it in 1vs.100 and I for one will sore­ly miss it.
Any of you ever play it and if so, will you miss it?

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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - July 21, 2010 4:51 pm

    It’s a shame that this game was shut­down. It was actu­al­ly alot of fun espe­cial­ly in a par­ty of friends. I’m not a casu­al gamer but this game could intrest most peo­ple just because they would host dif­fer­ent top­ics oth­er than just gen­er­al knowl­edge, any­thing from movies to games to the super brainic ques­tions. sad to see it go 1 v. 100 will be missed…


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