July 21, 2010

First Reaction: Limbo

Dark, mor­bid, fan­tas­tic. I nev­er real­ly real­ly got Braid. It was a fun plat­former, but some­thing made me hes­i­tant on the hype machine behind the game. Maybe it was the art style, maybe I just nev­er con­nect­ed with the main char­ac­ter. Lim­bo is my Braid. I get Lim­bo and what it is set­ting out to do. I get why this game has been get­ting rave reviews and what all the pre-release talk was about. The haunt­ing art style and tone, to the fun orig­i­nal plat­form­ing. I have not seen a game this inven­tive or cre­ative in quite some time. Ace­of­Nades will have a review post­ed in a few days, but atleast down­load the tri­al and see the mag­ic Lim­bo offers.

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