July 25, 2010

Two Fighting Games Combine Powers

Two great fight­ing games will come togeth­er to make Street Fight­er X Tekken. The announce­ment was made at Com­ic-Con when Tekken pro­duc­er, Kat­suhi­ro Hara­da, inter­rupt­ed the Street Fight­er IV pan­el. The audi­ence was suprised with a teas­er trail­er of Ryu fight­ing Kazuya Mishi­ma. After that the audi­ence was also giv­en a chance to play a live demo of the upcom­ing game. Street Fight­er X Tekken will have a sim­i­lar look and feel to Street Fight­er IV with 2D side scrolling fight­ing and graph­ics.
Kat­suhi­ro Hara­da also added that Nam­co is devel­op­ing anoth­er ver­sion called Tekken X Street Fight­er that will be more on the style of the Tekken games, with 3D fight­ing are­nas.
Both games have a ways to go before being released as they are still work­ing on Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 3.
All these games will be for both PS3 and Xbox 360


  1. thsoundman - July 26, 2010 8:13 am

    I remem­ber sink­ing alot of time into street fight­er. I’m talk­ing the old SNES 1. I knew every move for every fight­er… how sad is that?

  2. CABXYZ - July 26, 2010 5:05 pm

    It’s not sad, I love Street Fight­er just as much. It will be very inter­est­ing to see how two dif­fer­ent fight­ers mix with the dif­fer­ent styles.


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