July 29, 2010

3DS will get price point and release date.…..soon

Today we final­ly got a date on a price point and release date for Nin­ten­do’s next hand­held. VG247 report­ed that Nin­ten­do talked to Bloomberg Japan and they will be hold­ing an event on Sep­tem­ber 29th to unveil the price and release date for their 3D hand­held. It it known for sure that it will be out by the end of their fis­cal year end­ing next March. My pre­dic­tion is next Febu­rary and the at the love­ly retail price of $199.99. I real­ly can’t see it going any high­er than that, it is empres­sive tech but I real­ly don’t think they want to out gun the Wii with the price. The orig­i­nal DS launched at $249.99, since this is more of an advance­ment on that hard­ware the price should be kept rea­son­able. It’s the same step the Game­boy took to the Game­boy Col­or, refine­ment of the hard­ware plus a step in a new direc­tion. I am real­ly look­ing for­ward to this device. I have a lite and nev­er saw the point to upgrad­ing to the DSI, but this seems liek worth get­ting on day one. Plus if they do have a remake of Oca­ri­na of Time, I’ll take two please.

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  1. DianaQ - August 1, 2010 9:02 pm

    This hand­held looks both sleek and with the 3D option, it should cap­ture a good por­tion of the mar­ket. I am sure that what­ev­er price they put on it, it will sell.


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