July 29, 2010

Impressive numbers from a small outlet.

G4 report­ed today that the research firm Fore­cast­ing & Ana­lyz­ing Dig­i­tal Enter­tain­ment put out their report of how much Xbox Live Arcade has made in the past year end­ing on June 30th, a stag­ger­ing $46 mil­lion. This is just a small out­let but a very pop­u­lar down­load ser­vice, and the most orga­nized on any con­sole. I love the Arcade and have spent a pret­ty pen­ny on some great games from this ser­vice. Here’s the break­down of the top gross­ing games from last year.

  • Toy Sol­diers (Sig­nal Stu­dios) – $4.6 mil­lion (1200 MSP)
  • Tri­als HD (Red­L­ynx) – $4.4 mil­lion (800 – 1200 MSP)
  • Cas­tle Crash­ers (The Behe­moth) – $2.9 mil­lion (800 – 1200 MSP)
  • Bat­tle­field 1943 (EA DICE) – $2.5 mil­lion (800 – 1200 MSP)
  • Per­fect Dark (4J Stu­dios) – $2.4 mil­lion (800 MSP)
  • Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 2 (Cap­com) – $1.8 mil­lion (800 – 1200 MSP)
  • Fam­i­ly Game Night (EA Bright Light) – $1.7 mil­lion (400 – 800 MSP)
  • Shad­ow Com­plex (Chair Enter­tain­ment) – $1.2 mil­lion (800 – 1200 MSP)
  • Mag­ic: The Gath­er­ing (Stain­less Games) – $900,000 (800 MSP)
  • Call of Duty Clas­sic (Infin­i­ty Ward) – $800,000 (1200 MSP)

I would like to see then do this across the board to see which down­load ser­vice oth­er than Steam is lead­ing the way. Does see­ing the num­bers mean we are mov­ing towards a dig­i­tal dis­tri­b­u­tion?


  1. thsoundman - July 29, 2010 11:26 pm

    I always want­ed to get Shad­ow Com­plex… I’ve just nev­er got­ten around to get­ting it. The game itself got rave reviews.

  2. ScrotusKilmystr - July 30, 2010 3:11 pm

    I total­ly expect at least miceosoft to go dig­i­tal down­load in the not so dis­tant future it would take care of the pirate isue to a degree at least on the con­sole and increase prof­it with­out increas­ing price cut­ting out all the brick n mor­tar stores!
    I still like to have a phys­i­cal prod­uct in my hand though makes me feel like I actu­al­ly own some­thing.
    And, Shad­ow Com­plex was a great game it was alot of fun and brought back the 2d/3d side scroller action from the goos ole days haha

  3. DianaQ - August 1, 2010 8:58 pm

    I recent­ly flew on a trip and was amazed at how many peo­ple of all ages on the air­plane were play­ing some game on their com­put­er. Whether you go dig­i­tal or hard­copy, there is definit­ly the mar­ket out there. In addi­tion, a lot of these peo­ple say that they play these games to relax on their business/personal trips and it pass­es the time quick­ly for them.

  4. Hippie - August 5, 2010 9:50 am

    Ive total­ly gone dig­i­tal, not only are the prices cheap­er then retail, but it saves on hav­ing to keep fuss­ing around with disks and is eas­i­er to keep things organ­ised.


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