2010 September

September 30, 2010

Gamecrush is Now Open for You… To Play With Girls

In March a ser­vice launched called Game­Crush.  This ser­vice would allow you to play with a girl in flir­ty or dirty chat for a small fee.  The ser­vice has cur­rent­ly left closed beta and is now open for those of us lack­ing seri­ous social skills or lots of spare bills in our wal­lets to play with a girl online.  Six-minute ses­sions involve real face-to-face time over web­cam with the girl over a casu­al game of check­ers, pool or Bat­tle­ship. Those look­ing for more hard­core action can game time over Xbox Live and PlaySta­tion Net­work. The ser­vice pro­vides for zones for gamers to par­tic­i­pate in as if one was­n’t enough.  These zones include: * The Arcade — Fun is the name of the game. Nice and chill. * The Are­na — For seri­ous gamers. Butt-kick­­ings hand­ed out left and right. *The Acad­e­my —Read more…

September 28, 2010

Can’t go to Blizzcon this year? Well Watch it Pay-Per-View style…

I recieved an email from one of our read­ers, Sco­tuskilmys­ter, and was real­ly shocked at what I found inside. Now you can watch Bliz­zcon in the com­fort of your own home for the great price of $39.99, oh but wait there is more! You also get a exclu­sive World of War­craft pet Deathy the Mur­lock, access to an exclu­sive sale of Bliz­zcon mer­chan­dise, 4 live chan­nels of HD video pro­gram­ming that has video play­back and DVR fea­tures, and all the cov­er­age of every pan­el, tour­na­ment, and even the most epic of epic clos­ing cer­e­monies. Again this is all for the low price of $39.99, thats cheap­er than watch­ing a UFC or Wrestle­ma­nia! So instead of watch­ing  a bunch of sweaty men wres­tle each oth­er to the ground in com­plete non homo­pho­bic ways, you can watch how Bliz­zard takes a snails pace atRead more…

September 27, 2010

NBA Elite 11 delayed indefinitly.…

Peter Moore post­ed on his per­son­al blog tonight that NBA Elite 11 will be delayed and did not set a date to when the game will be released. This news just came one week before the game was to be launched. The NBA Jam token for the free down­load now will be it’s own stand alone game that will be out this fall on it’s own. Here is what Moore had to say in his blog, “This year, we set extreme­ly ambi­tious goals for our new fran­chise, NBA ELITE.  We are cre­at­ing a game that will intro­duce sev­er­al break­through fea­tures that have been miss­ing from the bas­ket­ball genre.   Unfor­tu­nate­ly, NBA ELITE 11 is not yet ready and we have made a deci­sion to delay next month’s launch.  We are going to keep work­ing until we’re cer­tain we can deliv­er aRead more…

September 25, 2010

The Names Bond, James Bond

It appears bond is set to return in a remake of ever pop­u­lar Gold­en­eye 64.   This is great news indeed for those wait­ing for a new bond game and those wait­ing for a shoot­er for the WII.   The pletho­ra of James Bond games since Gold­en­eye 64 have been dis­ap­point­ing at best so one might won­der what one should expect for this WII exclu­sive release Unlike the it’s pre­de­ces­sor it will not be devel­oped by Rare and Nin­ten­do instead it is being devel­oped by a Euro­com and Activi­sion.  Hav­ing Activi­sion involved in the mix may scare some peo­ple but this should­n’t auto­mat­i­cal­ly dis­cred­it the game.  Activi­son and Euro­com can and do make good games.  It appears all the orig­i­nal weapons are set to return includ­ing the Klobb which has appar­ent­ly now been renamed as the Klebb and the game is sup­posed toRead more…

September 23, 2010

Bioshock Infinite gameplay!

Irra­tional Games have final­ly shed some light on their newest title Bioshock Infi­nite. This is Ken Levine and his teams first effort since the orig­i­nal Bioshock. The game takes place in the float­ing city of Colum­bia, dur­ing the 1910’s. You are a Pinker­ton Detec­tive Book­er DeWitt, search­ing for a miss­ing woman in this float­ing city that was pro­duced for the worlds fair. The game play is very much the orig­i­nal Bioshock, weapon in your right hand, pow­ers in your left, but there seems to be more a cin­e­mat­ic approach to the com­bat and to the game as a whole. The vibe and play on Amer­i­can Idi­olo­gies are real­ly peak­ing my inter­est for this game. I love how Levine tries to make the think­ing man’s shoot­er, and it’s not just anoth­er romp through some war torn coun­try shoot­ing every­thing in site and the manRead more…

September 23, 2010

Bobby Kotick… The Anti-Christ or Just a Solid Businessman

Bob­by Kotick has been referred to as many things.  Greedy, Self Right­eous, ass­hole, crook, arro­gant prick and the list goes on.   How­ev­er does this make what he runs Activi­sion inher­ent­ly wrong? Cor­po­ra­tions are required by law to do what­ev­er it takes to make mon­ey and their respon­si­bil­i­ty is to their share­hold­ers.  Activi­sions share­hold­ers expect them to make mon­ey and make mon­ey they have.  “Activi­sion Bliz­zard Inc. said sales of its block­buster Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare 2 have exceed­ed $1 bil­lion world­wide since it launched Nov. 10.  Though the San­ta Mon­i­ca pub­lish­er did­n’t spec­i­fy how many units it had sold, that’s prob­a­bly close to 15 mil­lion based on the 8 mil­lion units the game sold in its first week, gen­er­at­ing $550 mil­lion in receipts” — Los Ange­les Times An inter­est­ing fact that I learned while I was in school is thatRead more…

September 23, 2010

Bachelors Obtained and Back To Work

Greet­ings fel­low read­ers!  Some of you may have noticed a lack of post­ing late­ly.  This has been large­ly due to the fact that I’ve been busy fin­ish­ing my Bach­e­lors, work­ing full time and try­ing to take care of a fam­i­ly.  I’m hap­py to announce today that I have final­ly fin­ished my school­ing and that I have obtained my Bach­e­lors in Com­put­er Infor­ma­tion Sys­tem.  Hav­ing said that I should have a lot more free time to spend on the blog and should be able to bring you more excit­ing con­tent.  We have a lot of new and excit­ing things com­ing to the site includ­ing a new lay­out.  We hope you guys stick with us and thanks for help­ing us grow!

September 16, 2010

The Launch of Gamerchat!

Ok so if you haven’t seen alot of my writ­ting up on the site late­ly, it’s because I have been tool­ing around with get­ting this togeth­er. It is my week­ly audio cast that I will be putting togeth­er every week from here on out and will be hav­ing peo­ple join me, hav­ing games of the week and ques­tions of the week. This is what I need you for, any­one with a ques­tion about a game or the indus­try in gen­er­al, please pass it along to me, via com­ments and I will be more than hap­py to try to answer them. But I hope you all enjoy the first episode of Gamer­chat, it’s still a rough work in progress and as I get this down it will be more than it is. Thanks for the sup­port and enjoy.  httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML-IBoK99Vg

September 16, 2010

Halo Reach review part two.…

Yes­ter­day we post­ed the review of the cam­paign por­tion of Reach and now here is the review for the mul­ti­play­er, forge, and fire­fight. I hope that every­one had enjoyed our cov­er­age of Halo Reach. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWSpRcTqB3Y

September 15, 2010

Halo Reach video review.…..Finally!

First off I would like to say, sor­ry for tak­ing so long with this video. It took more time then we thought it would but final­ly it is up. Alot of play­time hours, an hour of edit­ing, and many cans of Mt. Dew lat­er, it is fin­ished. The qual­i­ty of the video is a lit­tle rough, due to the equip­ment that was brought togeth­er at the last minute but our opin­ion is still the same. Hope you enjoy our video review.  httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6a5EhtNRhw Look out for our video review of the mul­ti­play, forge, and fire­fight.

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