September 12, 2010

Halo Reach Reviews: the cumination of opinion…

Well at 9:01 PST the embar­go for the Halo Reach reviews lift­ed and the inter­webs screamed with reviews of praise. From the Reviews I have read so far this game looks to be a cer­tifed hit. Bungie left the Halo uni­verse with a sweet swan song that I can’t wait to get my hands on Mon­day night. Here is a list of review scores and some quotes from some of the great reviews.
IGN — 9.5/10
“Halo: Reach is a fan­tas­tic pack­age, with sev­er­al core com­po­nents that on their own can out­class many oth­er games. The cam­paign is excel­lent, backed by sol­id sto­ry­telling and a pow­er­ful audio-visu­al expe­ri­ence. The com­pet­i­tive mul­ti­play­er is famil­iar, yet brand new with a lot more options and a faster pac­ing. And the coop­er­a­tive Fire­fight arcade mode has final­ly met its poten­tial. Whether you like play­ing with friends like me or you’re more of a lone wolf, Halo: Reach has evolved to the point where it’ll make every­one hap­py. It’s a fit­ting end to Bungie’s involve­ment with the fran­chise, one that both ref­er­ences the past and injects new life into a tried and true for­mu­la. New­com­ers and Halo fans alike will find plen­ty to love in Halo: Reach. Even if you’ve grown tired of the Halo for­mu­la through the years, I’d still rec­om­mend this game to you. It’s just that good”  by Erik Brud­vig
“There is much to love about Halo: Reach, but look­ing back at my near­ly two times through the game and a day spent play­ing it online, they sin­gle thing that sticks wit me the most is its set­ting, its majes­tic take on a plan­et that does­n’t exist. Bungie has out­done them­selves with the game’s look, string­ing togeth­er set-piece after set-piece until there is near­ly noth­ing left.
Halo: Reach is unques­tion­ably the best of the Halo games, and that’s not a small thing to say. But Bungie does­n’t just match the best of every Halo game that came before it, they’ve improved it, stream­lined it, per­fect­ed it. Gone are sec­tions of tedi­um and vac­u­ous game design, gone too is the almost car­toon look of the ear­li­er games and the nar­row vision of the places in which they took place. In many ways, Halo: Reach feels like a com­ing of age title, but not for the char­ac­ters or the world or the uni­verse Bungie cre­at­ed, but for the stu­dio itself.” by Bri­an Cre­cente
G4- 5/5
“Chances are that if you’ve ever played anoth­er Halo game, you’ll be pick­ing this up at launch. How­ev­er, that’s not to say that new­com­ers to the fran­chise shouldn’t con­sid­er it: this is your opti­mal jump­ing-on spot with a brand-new title that fol­low a new team. The events might lead up the first Halo game, but you don’t need to know that to enjoy your­self. There’s a sol­id sto­ry here, with mul­ti­ple inter­est­ing char­ac­ters.
You almost need to look at Halo: Reach as two games, with one being the cam­paign you can tack­le solo, or with up to three friends, and the oth­er game as the mul­ti­play­er expe­ri­ence that has been pumped up with plen­ty of new oppor­tu­ni­ties for death. Oh, and fun. If you own an Xbox 360 and want some seri­ous enjoy­ment, this is a must-have title.” by Kevin Kel­ly
Game­Trail­ers — 9.3/10 — A+
“Bungie has man­aged to do some­thing that elud­ed George Lucas years ago: cre­ate a pre­quel to a beloved sci-fi series that not only sim­ply works, but is at times bet­ter than the install­ments it pre­cedes. After spend­ing ten hours with the cam­paign, and anoth­er eight or so with the mul­ti­play­er, it’s already clear that for their exit from the Halo fran­chise, the devel­op­ers at Bungie have craft­ed a fine send­off in Halo: Reach.” by Thier­ry Nguyen
Check out any site and the opin­ions seem to coin­side, this game deliv­ers in every aspect. Reward­ing cam­paign, exte­sive mul­ti­play­er options in fire­fight and match­mak­ing. This game may just live in my 360 for the rest of the year. For the Gamers­blog we will be host­ing a video blog with my self and fel­low edi­tor Ace­of­Nades as we go from the mid­night release down here in Pen­saco­la to an all nighter with the game and a very spe­cial video review. So please, check out the video as soon as it is post­ed Tues­day morn­ing and wish us luck with all the play­time and edit­ing to be done, and hope­ful­ly we can put the con­troller down for this, I’ll see every­one Tues­day.


  1. AceOfNades69 - September 12, 2010 12:21 am

    Look­ing for­ward to this…should be good times

  2. ScrotusKilmystr - September 12, 2010 12:59 am

    damn won’t have it until noon tues­day got to be at the fun­store at 4am woohoo!!

  3. T8 - September 13, 2010 10:13 am

    ive been link­ing yalls reviews to my forums. Please give me a link to the vid review, im sure many peo­ple would love to give it a look.
    Thanks guys for all of your work.


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