October 4, 2010

Finally, Blizzard reveals release date for Cataclysm…

This morn­ing Kotaku and G4 report­ed that Bliz­zard has giv­en  a date for the release of Cat­a­clysm, the third expan­sion pack for World of War­craft. Decem­ber 7th will be the day you can return to the ever chang­ing world of Aze­roth, with 2 new races a lev­el cap raised to 85 and a brand new world to explore. The release comes after the nor­mal “hol­i­day” release cycle but I am sure the num­bers will be record break­ing and may get some peo­ple that have let their char­ac­ters fall by the way­side, a new breath of life. Here’s the quote from the press release.
Cat­a­clysm includes the best con­tent we’ve ever cre­at­ed for World of War­craft. It’s not just an expan­sion but a re-cre­ation of much of the orig­i­nal Aze­roth, com­plete with epic new high-lev­el adven­tures for cur­rent play­ers and a redesigned lev­el­ing expe­ri­ence for those just start­ing out,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Bliz­zard Enter­tain­ment. “With the help of our beta testers we’re putting on the final pol­ish, and we look for­ward to wel­com­ing gamers around the world to enjoy it in just a cou­ple of months.”
So there you have it, Cat­a­clysm will be warm­ing you CD and Hard dri­ves this win­ter, and now the ques­tion who’s buy­ing it and are you going to bring your char­ac­ters back from the dust pile?

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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - October 8, 2010 7:50 am

    I nev­er real­ly got into WoW I played it for awhile but I guess it’s a bet­ter expe­ri­ance with a group of peo­ple. But I do know alot of peo­ple who will be clos­ing the shades and call­ing off from work with this new expan­sion breaks


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