2010 November

November 25, 2010

Elder Scrolls V A Sequel?

Obliv­ion was one of the most antic­i­pat­ed games in 2006 on all plat­forms.  It com­bined qual­i­ty sto­ry lines with top notch graph­ics to pro­vide one of the best open end­ed RPG’s to date.  It was con­firmed by Eurogamer that Bethes­da game stu­dios is cur­rent­ly work­ing on the Elder Scrolls 5.  How­ev­er, unlike the pre­vi­ous install­ments, Elder Scrolls V will be direct sequel to Elder Scrolls 4: Obliv­ion.  Bethes­da Game Stu­dios admit­ted back in August that its 90 plus staff  had been work­ing on an Elder Scrolls title over two years. It was believed that Bethes­da would fol­low the same pat­tern by releas­ing stand-alone chap­ters, how­ev­er now it seems that the stu­dio has decid­ed to break the tra­di­tion. I’m excit­ed for the new Elder Scrolls title but there are a few things that need to change to make it a tru­lyRead more…

November 15, 2010

Video Games and Addiction

I thought today I would pro­vide my read­ers with a bit of enter­tain­ment along with some words for thought.  We all play games and while we play them from time to time they or some­one else play­ing them has done some­thing to make us mad.  Most of us quit but some of us get angry at oth­ers, yell at oth­ers, yell at the com­put­er, break the com­put­er or one of many oth­er anger infused reac­tions.  I’ve col­lect­ed a group of videos that real­ly go to show how bad some peo­ple are addict­ed to their video games.  So what con­sti­tutes addic­tion?  Is it the amount of time spent?  I used to spend 12 hours a day play­ing what­ev­er video game I want­ed to at the time but I would still get all the things in real life I need­ed to getRead more…

November 10, 2010

Are Custom Maps and Modding A Dying Art?

What do Mod­ern War­fare 2, Black Ops, Medal of Hon­or, Gears of War 1 and 2, and Bad Com­pa­ny 2 all have in com­mon besides the fact that they were some of the biggest releas­es to come out in the last 5 years?  None of them sup­port or even pro­vide tools for cus­tom con­tent?  It appears that the world of mod­ding has met it’s match with the new pay DLC/micro trans­ac­tion pric­ing mod­el that major com­pa­nies such as Activi­sion and EA are push­ing.  It makes sense for these providers to block cus­tom con­tent so they can lim­it users to their cus­tom con­tent. This real­ly is sad in the sense that some of the most pop­u­lar mul­ti­play­er games out there today were based off of mod­ded and cus­tom con­tent.  Some prime exam­ples of this are Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Clas­sic and DayRead more…

November 3, 2010

Supreme Court Split on California Video Game Law

The Supreme Court appears to be split on the Cal­i­for­nia Videogame law that for­bids the sale of game to chil­dren under 18 that depict scenes of gra­tu­itous vio­lence, sex and tor­ture.  ““Why isn’t it com­mon sense,” said Jus­tice Stephen G. Brey­er, that if the law can for­bid sell­ing pic­tures of a “naked woman” to a young teen, it can also for­bid the sale of scenes “of gra­tu­itous tor­ture of chil­dren” in a video game?  Chief Jus­tice John G. Roberts Jr. agreed, cit­ing scenes from the game Postal 2 in which girls are smashed in the face with a shov­el and their bod­ies set on fire. “We don’t have a tra­di­tion in this coun­try” of expos­ing chil­dren to that kind of graph­ic vio­lence, he said. But in a case that seemed to break the usu­al lib­er­al-con­ser­v­a­­tive alliances, Jus­tice Antonin Scali­a­clashed with RobertsRead more…

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