November 25, 2010

Elder Scrolls V A Sequel?

Obliv­ion was one of the most antic­i­pat­ed games in 2006 on all plat­forms.  It com­bined qual­i­ty sto­ry lines with top notch graph­ics to pro­vide one of the best open end­ed RPG’s to date. 
It was con­firmed by Eurogamer that Bethes­da game stu­dios is cur­rent­ly work­ing on the Elder Scrolls 5.  How­ev­er, unlike the pre­vi­ous install­ments, Elder Scrolls V will be direct sequel to Elder Scrolls 4: Obliv­ion. 
Bethes­da Game Stu­dios admit­ted back in August that its 90 plus staff  had been work­ing on an Elder Scrolls title over two years. It was believed that Bethes­da would fol­low the same pat­tern by releas­ing stand-alone chap­ters, how­ev­er now it seems that the stu­dio has decid­ed to break the tra­di­tion.
I’m excit­ed for the new Elder Scrolls title but there are a few things that need to change to make it a tru­ly great game.  I felt there were sev­er­al issues that real­ly held Obliv­ion back from tru­ly being a mas­ter piece.  First and fore­most was the mod­els sys­tem.  I’ve seen titles 5 years old­er then itself with bet­ter char­ac­ter ani­ma­tions and facial expres­sions.  When the NPCs are mov­ing with­in the game they look sta­t­ic, almost doll like.  Upgrad­ing the graph­ics engine behind the scene and chang­ing how the world looks I think would go a long way to help­ing the title being a suc­cess.  The sec­ond, more per­son­al gripe I have, is the empti­ness that I felt when I was play­ing.  I would stroll into a town with mas­sive cathe­drals, hous­es, mas­sive tem­ples and bar­racks yet when I walked around I would hard­ley see any­one.  In a town that should have thou­sands you would see maybe 20 through­out the entire town.  This empti­ness began to wear on me as I pro­gressed through the game.  Both Obliv­ion and Fall­out 3 suf­fered from this prob­lem.  The final issue that Obliv­ion suf­fered from was the short and ungrat­i­fy­ing sto­ry.  The sto­ry end­ed on a rather uncli­mac­tic note and when I reached it i was extreme­ly dis­ap­point­ed. 
Over­all Obliv­ion was a great game and it was one of the most gor­geous titles to look at at the time.  How­ev­er, these issues kept it from being a mas­ter­piece.  If they are able to address these issues I think Elder Scrolls V will be a major suc­cess with­in the RPG com­mu­ni­ty.

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