2011 January

January 23, 2011

Crysis 2 Gets a Demo… Only on Xbox 360.

In an announce­ment that is like­ly to make the entire PC gam­ing com­mu­ni­ties blood boil Cry­tec announced that Cry­sis 2 will be get­ting a mul­ti-play­er demo.  How­ev­er, that demo will only be avail­able to Xbox 360 users and Gold sub­scribers at that.  “The Cry­sis 2 Mul­ti­play­er Demo will fea­ture the ‘Sky­line’ map, and two game modes: ‘Team Instant Action’ and ‘Crash Site,’ ” EA said on Fri­day. “ ‘Team Instant Action’ pits two teams against each oth­er as they kill as many oppo­nents as pos­si­ble to earn high­er ranks. In ‘Crash Site,’ play­ers will bat­tle for con­trol of alien drop pods, earn­ing points by guard­ing their pods and keep­ing ene­mies at bay.” Cry­sis 2 is still on track to be released on March 22, 2011.  EA says the mul­ti-play­er com­po­nent of Cry­sis 2 will fea­ture six game play modes and 12 mapsRead more…

January 14, 2011

Initial Thought: DC Universe Online

Well DC Uni­verse Online came out ear­li­er this week and my inner com­ic geek could­n’t pass up a chance to wash away the bad taste of City of Heroes. So I bought a copy for my PS3 and I am actu­al­ly pleased thus far. Now keep in mind I have not gone through all the con­tent, I am not lev­el capped and I only have one toon so far. Like the title says these are my ini­tial thoughts. Ok lets take it from the start, char­ac­ter cre­ation. The cre­ation process is real­ly sim­ple and straight for­ward. You can start from scratch and com­plete­ly cus­tomize a hero or vil­lian, or you can start with a tem­plate of an already known hero or vil­lian. From there you select a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent pow­ers and items. You pick a move­ment abil­i­ty, a fight­ingRead more…

January 14, 2011

We Now Have Ventrilo!

We now have Ven­tri­lo avail­able to the TGB com­mu­ni­ty!  Any­one here is wel­come to come use our chan­nel for their gam­ing needs.  We are always hap­py to accept dona­tions to help cov­er the costs of run­ning the chan­nel.  We want to thank the TGB com­mu­ni­ty for help­ing make host­ed servers a real­i­ty for us.  We have received a great amount of sup­port from our view­ers and read­ers and we can’t thank them enough.  If you, your clan or guild would like to use the chan­nel for a large group on a reg­u­lar basis we may be able to upgrade the chan­nel.  Please send any chan­nel ques­tions to thsoundman@thegamersblog.com You can access the TGB chan­nel by going here: Serv­er: vent18.gameservers.com Port: 4591

January 13, 2011

Possible release date for the 3DS?

So we now have a hint at least to when the 3DS is com­ing out, but noth­ing con­crete and still no offi­cial price point. Though rumors are say­ing $299.99. How­ev­er we now know that the 3DS will be on sale in Japan on Feb. 26. They have also released a list of upcom­ing titles to be released in Japan. Here they are: Win­ning Eleven 3DS Soc­cer — Feb. 26 Super Street Fight­er IV 3D Edi­tion — Feb. 26 Samu­rai War­riors: Chron­i­cle — Feb. 26 Tobida­su! Puz­zle Bob­ble 3D — Feb. 26 Nin­ten­dogs and Cats — Feb. 26 Ridge Rac­er 3D — Feb. 26 Com­bat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D — Feb. 26 Pro­fes­sor Lay­ton and the Mask of Mir­a­cle — Feb. 26 Asphalt 3D: Nitro Rac­ing — March Pro Yakyuu Spir­its 2011 — March BlazBlue Con­tin­u­um Shift II — March The SimsRead more…

January 11, 2011

I’ve got a Golden Ticket, oh wait it’s a fake…

So with a new year brings a new E3 (Elec­tron­ic Enter­tain­ment Expo). As all gamers are aware its the place to see all the newest and upcom­ing games and projects from all the com­pa­nies in the busi­ness. Would­n’t it be awe­some to actu­al­ly be there though? That answer is yes. How­ev­er E3 is not open to the pub­lic. Only peo­ple who work in the indus­try or press can get access. So the peo­ple decid­ed to fight back in a way. Some of the sam­ller web­sites who were for­tu­nate enough to get one of these gold­en tick­ets decid­ed to sell them off. Some of these pass­es sold for as much as $700 and that’s hop­ing you did­n’t get a fake copy. E3 heard about the black mar­ket E3 pass trade and decid­ed to do some­thing about it. To do this instead ofRead more…

January 7, 2011

Send this user to be de-rezed….

I loathe user reviews. I can­not even begin to describe how much I hate them. Watch­ing some idiot put up a review that goes “I luves this game iT’s wicked awsome, lets blow up some n$$bs”, is enough for me to break all my games and slow­ly gouge my eyes with the pieces while lis­ten­ing to Lady Gaga, all while look­ing like a hip­ster and slow­ly tear­ing off my tat­too with a cheese grater. Pull out the soap box and stay clear because I may spit on this one. Work­ing in retail for the past 4 years has taught me that soci­ety as a whole is brain­less. Every­one thinks that their opin­ion mat­ters and if one per­son hears anoth­er talk about how much they like some­thing, that auto­mat­i­cal­ly makes them an expert on the sub­ject. I dread con­sumer reports andRead more…

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