February 4, 2011

Two Worlds II Review

The Two Worlds uni­verse has been some what of a hot top­ic when it comes to RPG fans.  You either absolute­ly love the game or you absolute­ly hate it.  Many peo­ple com­pare it to the likes of Obliv­ion and some tout it as the Obliv­ion killer. 
I’ve had Two Worlds II for almost a month now and I pur­pose­ful­ly wait­ed to do my review until now because I want­ed to see what the major game sites out there such as IGN, Gamespot, and so forth would say about it.  The orig­i­nal Two Worlds got a bad rap because of alot of bugs, poor graph­ics, etc.  Two Worlds II seems to be get­ting sim­i­lar flak from those game sites.  IGN giv­ing it a 6.0 and Gamespot a 7.5. 
On a side note I’ve been under the impres­sion for years that mon­ey buys you the best reviews and IGN and Gamespot seem to do this alot.  I can­not prove that they are paid to say good things about games.  How­ev­er I find it strange that when a no name com­pa­ny releas­es a game they will con­stant­ly tag the title for being uno­rig­i­nal, poor graph­ics, bad act­ing, etc if it is in com­pe­ti­tion with a game such as Call of Duty and give them a bad score.  How­ev­er, when a new COD game comes out and it’s an exact clone of it’s pre­de­ces­sor like COD: BO they give it high praise while it’s com­peti­tor such Medal of Hon­or gets a bad score for the exact same rea­sons.  That being said lets get on with the review. 
Let me start by say­ing that when I start­ed Two Worlds II I had very low expec­ta­tions for the exact rea­sons list­ed above.  Reviews from pop­u­lar game sites had giv­en it bad marks and thus set my expec­ta­tions extreme­ly low.  How­ev­er, and thank­ful­ly, my expec­ta­tions have been blown away. 
I want to start off with talk­ing about the graph­ics in this game and I’m going to have to bash Obliv­ion here.  The graph­ics in Two Worlds II are amaz­ing.  There are some stun­ning “set pieces” with­in the game.  Every­thing from the wide open fields of anteloor too the bustling cities of Hat­man­dor and New Ashos have been well done and it appears that a great amount of time has gone into mak­ing them feel like real cities and the build­ings inside of them all feel unique.  One of the biggest com­plaints I had about Obliv­ion was how emp­ty the game felt.  You would walk into a city with huge cathe­drals, mas­sive homes, tow­ers etc and you would only see 10 peo­ple in the entire city.  Two Worlds II has dozens if not hun­dreds of peo­ple walk­ing the streets, hang­ing out at shops, liv­ing in homes, and it helps add to the atmos­phere of the game.  The only com­plaint I real­ly have about the over­all look of the game is at times the glare from the sun can blind you and make it real­ly hard to see where your going or the land­scape looks so bright it can hurt your eyes and when fight­ing you can occa­sion­al­ly get caught in a spot where you can’t see your­self and your weapons stop deal­ing dam­age… this can be frus­trat­ing  but aside from that I was quite impressed with the game. 
Char­ac­ter mod­els and ani­ma­tions are anoth­er stand­out against Obliv­ion.  The move­ment, fight­ing and facial expres­sions are far bet­ter in Two Worlds II.  I enjoyed the bat­tles in the game and when you land­ed a hit on your tar­get it actu­al­ly felt like you were hit­ting them. 
The sounds and voice act­ing are a bit of a mix.  There are times when the sound qual­i­ty of the game is fan­tas­tic such as with ambi­ent nois­es, fight­ing and the talk­ing of ven­dors on the street.  How­ev­er, with voice act­ing,  there are times when the sto­ry’s pro­tag­o­nist is talk­ing that it is extreme­ly monot­o­ne but then at oth­er times he’s com­plete­ly bad ass and then goes entire­ly emo­tion­al.   It would of been nice if they would of just giv­en it one per­son­al­i­ty and not made his voice act­ing so… schiz­o­phrenic.
Many reviews of the game tag the games sto­ry as being dull and uno­rig­i­nal.  I found that I rather enjoy the sto­ry and I like the pace at which the sto­ry pro­gress­es.  I’m a fan of RPG’s such as KOTOR, KOTOR II and Mass Effect that fol­low the man quest takes you to loca­tion A and at point a you do tons of side quests and when you fin­ish you move to loca­tion B and do the same and Two Worlds II does just this.   I think this mod­el of game play you can play though the main quest at a bal­anced pace AND it allows you to com­plete alot of the game at the same time and not just blast through it and miss 3/4 of what the game has to offer.  I was quite dis­ap­point­ed with Obliv­ion when I beat the game in under 10 hours and had done only a cou­ple of side quests.  The side quests with­in Two Worlds II are enjoy­able and refresh­ing.  Aside from hav­ing to go kill “killer beavers” that did­n’t even fight back I found that I enjoyed every side quest so far. 
The lev­el­ing and potion sys­tems are fan­tas­tic and the abil­i­ty to cre­ate potions of almost any use is extreme­ly use­ful.  We’ve all been there… we are low on health, strand­ed with now way to restore it.  Nor­mal­ly you would be dead right?  In Two Worlds II  you just hop into your potions tab and sift through the ingre­di­ents you have col­lect­ed through­out the game and con­struct a health potion.  You can even make vari­ants of the same potion that have dif­fer­ent lev­els of poten­cy and then save them to cre­ate them again at a lat­er date.  I found through­out the entire game I was con­stant­ly chang­ing the way I made potions and as I lev­eled up and my over­all amount of health increased I found it eas­i­er just to  make potions on the fly instead of just cre­at­ing a stan­dard potion that I used all the time. 
In Two Worlds II you aren’t stuck with the char­ac­ter  attrib­ut­es you have cho­sen.  If you progress through the game and decide that you no longer wish to be a Mage and wish to go slaugh­ter the land­scape with an axe you can do some­thing called “regres­sion” which will allow you to reas­sign your attribute points to anoth­er class.  This can allow you to mix things up if you are get­ting bored with your cur­rent skill set. 
Over­all Two Worlds II is a great game… it isn’t a Drag­on Age: Ori­gins or Witch­er slay­er but it is a great game none the less.  Again I’m going to state that Two Worlds II is one of those games that you will either love or you will hate.  Two Worlds II has it’s flaws and if you can over­look those you are in for a fun and excit­ing RPG adven­ture.  If you can’t deal with those then I sug­gest wait­ing for The Witch­er II.



  1. T8 - February 4, 2011 9:22 am

    im actu­al­ly inter­est­ed in get­ting this game when it come to PC. And for me to say that, means alot.
    If its not valve, usu­al­ly, i dont buy it. Great review brad!

  2. PimpmasterF - February 4, 2011 11:20 am

    Great review, I may have to check out the first one and then move onto this one, Im intrigued.


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