March 12, 2011

Playstation Phone (Xperia Play)

Ever since its first release Ive been a fan of the PSP, all up until the PSP Go which was way small­er than it should have been, a slim­mer slid­er PSP is way cool, but they should have at least kept it the same size. Instead Sony made it small­er and some­thing that only a small child could prop­er­ly han­dle. Now I get that the Ipod touch has always had a small­er screen than PSP and it does just fine, how­ev­er the ipod did­nt start with gam­ing as a soul pur­pose thus a small­er screen was jus­ti­fied. Hav­ing said this its not sur­prise that the PSP Go did­nt do as well as was hoped, and now Sony is try­ing to pick up the slack with a Playsta­tion Phone. As a phone every­thing the small­er size will be jus­ti­fied. The small­er size is accept­able as we have more rea­son to car­ry a phone with us than a portable gam­ing sys­tem, and lets face it, we all want bet­ter gam­ing capa­bil­i­ty out of out phones to keep us enter­tained. The Playsta­tion Phone dubbed the Xpe­ria Play as its offi­cial phone name, as of right now will ship with the fol­low­ing specs:
4″ 854x480 Mul­ti-touch LCD screen
5.1MP Cam­era
Mem­o­ry Card sup­port up to 32gb MicroSD
Includ­ed 8Gb MicroSD
1Ghz Scor­pi­on ARMv7 CPU
Qual­com Adreno 205 GPU
Will run on Android 2.3 OS (Gin­ger­bread)
I would expect no more out of the Xpe­ria than I would any oth­er droid as far as the phone/network capa­bil­i­ties go, gam­ing capa­bil­i­ty will far out­shine any­thing out there if for no oth­er rea­son than it will be get­ting games devel­oped exclu­sive­ly for it. It will work the same way as the PSP Go where you buy and down­load your games from their online store, the down­side is your avail­able gam­ing library depends on your stor­age capac­i­ty, mem­o­ry cards have got­ten cheap­er but they arent that cheap yet. How­ev­er a 16Gb MicroSD card will prob­a­bly go a long way for the aver­age indi­vid­ual.
There is said that there will be around 50 or so games avail­able at launch and the phone will ship with crash bandi­coot installed, as far as game pric­ing ulti­mate­ly the final price is up to the devel­op­er but you can rea­son­ably expect games to release from $5-$8. The Xpe­ria will also come with Asphalt Adren­a­line 6, Bruce lee, Star Bat­tal­ion, The Sims 3 and Tetris.
All in all The Sony Xpe­ria Play is look­ing like it could be a big win, it will release on the Ver­i­zon Net­work and Im anx­ious to see if it will be 3G or 4G, per­son­al­ly my mon­ey is on 3G. Also I would expect the typ­i­cal $2–300 price point with a new con­tract but no offi­cial pric­ing has been released yet.

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