May 20, 2011

L.A. Noire

Ok so L.A. Noire came out last Tues­day and I dove right into it. Now I am sure peo­ple see the Rock­star Games and go “Ok, more GTA and Mafia type games.” Well here is what I say to that person…Shut up. Yes Rock­star pub­lished the game but L.A. Noire only bor­rows dri­ving and com­bat from GTA, after that it is a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent game. Noire goes back in time to L.A. in the 1940’s (1947 to be exact).  The premise is pret­ty easy to grasp. You’re a cop and you’re solv­ing crimes. The best thing about this game is the sto­ry telling. As you play you feel like a detec­tive and you start to run the out­comes through your head try­ing to solve the case. You start as an aver­age patrol­man and work your way up the ranks to traf­fic cop, homi­cide, etc. A neat fea­ture is as you progress you have a part­ner who helps out with giv­ing you direc­tions, dri­ving, or giv­ing an opin­ion on the cur­rent case.
The game­play works like this: you and your part­ner get assigned a case. You go to the crime scene, look for clues, and ques­tion wit­ness­es or sus­pects and that will then turn into oth­er leads to con­tin­ue the inves­ti­ga­tion. Each case plays like an episode, but as you go you will start to see a big­ger sto­ry ark. The atten­tion to detail in this game is some­thing you would only think t0 find in a great rpg. When your col­lect­ing clues you can look all over the crime scene find­ing things use­ful and find­ing things not so use­ful. Whether exam­in­ing the body or look­ing in the bush­es for more evi­dence there is always some­thing inter­est­ing to find.
After you have col­lect­ing all the clues (or what you think is all of them) you can inter­view a wit­ness or oth­er P.O.I.‘s (per­son of intrest). This is a real­ly fun and new fea­ture to the game. As you ask ques­tions you real­ly need to pay atten­tion to how the per­son reacts and talks. Every­thing from eye move­ments, facial move­ments (yes they can show expres­sions) to body lan­guage needs to be con­sid­ered. They real­ly did a great job and mak­ing the faces look real and have the lips matched up with the words they are say­ing. After they give you an answer you can select three options: Truth, Doubt, or Lie. Truth is sim­ple. You think they are telling you the truth. Doubt is the option you pick if you think they aren’t telling you the whole truth. Then my favorite, you can call them out on a lie. How­ev­er if you pick this you must back up your claim with a piece of evi­dence you have found. Now if you pick the wrong option you will not revieve xp points and I will reduce the points you can get at the end of the case. As I have found out, call­ing out peo­ple on a lie and being wrong makes them very, very angry.
At this point in the inves­ti­ga­tion, after clues are col­lect­ed and peo­ple are ques­tioned, is usu­al­ly when the action kicks in and let me tell you I have seen it all. Run­ning perps down on foot, car chas­es, and good ol’ fash­ion shoot outs are usu­al­ly how cas­es get solved. Besides the main sto­ry, as you play you can respond to dis­patch calls and go do lit­tle side mis­sions which can con­sist of a shoot­er or a bank rob­bery. You can also com­man­deer vehi­cles incase you for some rea­son ramped a curb into traf­fic and destroyed yours.……you know, in case. You also unlock out­fits along the way to change up your nor­mal look.
So yea, L.A. Noire is a slow­er mov­ing game. Not to the point of bor­ing you but to the point of great sto­ry­telling. You mean I can’t just shoot every­thing and kill hook­ers?? Go back to play­ing Call of Duty please.…this review is for big kids. I am not a kid! Ok then take your sim­ple mind back to GTA and spam more rock­ets because that does­n’t make you have to use your brain and we know how bad it hurts you to use it. L.A. Noire is a fan­tas­tic game all around. I  am already will­ing to call this at least one of the top 5 games of this year. The stength of this game is the sto­ry and I hope that oth­er games will see this and take note. L.A. Noire could be the begin­ning of a new way to play video games.


  1. DrPixel - May 20, 2011 8:32 pm

    L.A. Noire sounds very inter­est­ing. I hard­ly knew any­thing about the game before I read this review, so thanks for post­ing this. ^_^

  2. CharcoalCoyote - May 21, 2011 10:44 am

    It actu­al­ly sounds a lot like a far-less-japan­ese ver­sion of Phoenix Wright (more specif­i­cal­ly, Miles Edge­worth: Ace Attor­ney Inves­ti­ga­tions). I’ll have to look in to this one.

  3. Kamiki - May 23, 2011 4:19 pm

    I’ve seen the trail­er for the game while watch­ing South Park on Sounds inter­est­ing to play!

  4. zero_19 - May 24, 2011 12:28 pm

    Looks inter­est­ing, I’ve been check­ing out the tech behind the face map­ping they did and I would love to see it in more games in the future, very cool stuff.


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