May 25, 2011

Random thought of the day: why do numbers mean so much?

Thought I would try some­thing new and just write some­thing lit­tle to get our minds as a com­mu­ni­ty going and hope­ful­ly have a good dis­cus­sion in the com­ments, so this may turn into a dai­ly thing, who knows. Good phi­los­o­phy, try before you buy, so we are going to try damn it!
K/D spreads, win per­cent­ages, head shot coun­ters, stats galore; that is all I hear about in com­pet­i­tive mul­ti­play­ers and frankly, I am sick of it. I play my fair amount of mul­ti­play­er gam­ing, putting in a cou­ple of hours each night on top of what else I played that day, but for the life of me can under­stand why peo­ple get up in arms about point­less num­bers that have no effect on my expe­ri­ence. I play Bat­tle­field, Halo, Gears of War, Home­front, Medal of Hon­or, Brink, and Sec­tion 8: Prej­u­dice (I avoid the CoD series like the plague) but nev­er found myself car­ing about K/D spreads, or how my per­son­al stats held up, what I cared about is did my team work well togeth­er and did I have a good expe­ri­ence doing so. Before you say “oh this guy sucks and he is just try­ing to jus­ti­fy why he does”, I don’t. I have my good games and some games where I don’t do as well, I just hate that peo­ple have to play by the num­bers and ruin my expe­ri­ence so they can pad their use­less stats. Death match of any sort, whether it is team based or solo, is my least favorite mode, in any game. I like my co-oper­a­tive team based game play. I would rather have a .01 K/D ratio and have helped my team win count­less match­es due to my sac­ri­fice, rather than have a ridicu­lous K/D and look like some (to quote Scro­tusKilmys­tr) “sniper bitch deluxe”. Since play­ing Brink and Sec­tion 8: Prej­u­dice I must say I applaud Timegate Stu­dios and Splash Dam­age for hid­ing these stats behind their web­site (you need to get a code in the games menu and acti­vat­ed it online to access your stats). I wish more devel­op­ers that have team based game modes would fol­low this mod­el of stat hid­ing to try and route some of the peo­ple, that don’t want to play nice, out of these modes. So, do you sit there and strut around your num­bers like the alpha gamer or do you think they have no rel­e­vance and would rather enjoy your expe­ri­ence with the game and the peo­ple you are play­ing with?


  1. DrPixel - May 25, 2011 11:13 pm

    I’d rather have a lot of fun being a team play­er than a lone wolf obsessed with stats. For exam­ple, in my short time of play­ing MW2 I found that it just real­ly isn’t that fun to try to focus on increas­ing or main­tain­ing your sta­tis­tics. Dur­ing the EA Week on Steam a few weeks ago, I bought BFBC2. I soon dis­cov­ered that I actu­al­ly REALLY enjoyed the game’s mul­ti­play­er, even if I was­n’t par­tic­u­lar­ly too good at it. Team­work is nec­es­sary in the Bat­tle­field series, even if you just run out in the mid­dle of the ene­my base and cre­ate a dis­trac­tion for your team. Things like that can turn the tables just enough so that your team wins. That’s why I plan on buy­ing BF3 this year and not MW3. 😀

  2. ScrotusKilmystr - May 27, 2011 7:43 am

    I will admit I do check my stats dur­ing game play when in mul­ti but not because of my desire to have a reduclious K/D spread it’s to gauge my strate­gies. if I’m close to a 1/1 ratio then thats fine if I start dieing alot and have 1 kill I need to try some­thing else but it depends on what the sit­u­a­tion calls for.… I hate being in last place so actu­al­ly my point spread is more impor­tant to me ie bat­tle­field the more you con­tribute to the task at hand the more more you get and a high­er rank­ing on the stats for the game I do remem­ber that dude from Alaba­ma who was
    nasty gram­ming me because Cab­bie and I were destroy­ing all the mcoms so quick­ly and basi­clly bull­dozed the defend­ing team ahhh fun with C4 and my per­son favorites anti-tank mines and the repair tool! haha that was before DICE nerfed the explo­sive dam­age now you ahve to work for a win lol


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