May 31, 2011

Hands-on Preview: Dungeon Siege 3…..

I wasn’t always a fan of RPGs or ARPGs, but that has been chang­ing as of late. I have enjoyed Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance and its sequel, all of the Bethes­da games (Elder Scrolls (start­ing with Mor­rowind), Fall­out 3), the Fable series if you want to call them RPGs of some sort, Torch­light (which I may start my sec­ond play through here short­ly) and of course any­thing that comes from that great place in the sky called Bioware as of late (yes, I am still cur­rent­ly enjoy­ing Drag­on Age 2). Nor­mal­ly my key gen­res of choice are action/adventure, rac­ing, FPS, and some sports titles here and there to round it my gam­ing port­fo­lio. As I grow old­er though, dun­geon crawl­ing, gath­er­ing large amounts of loot like swag at a con­ven­tion, and stat and skill track­ing are becom­ing more and more sat­is­fy­ing. I feel I am keen­er on these ele­ments because I feel like I am get­ting more out of my game and build­ing char­ac­ters instead of tak­ing on pre­de­ter­mined avatar. Enough about me already lets to the game.
Dun­geon Siege 3 marks the first DS game to be pub­lished by Squa­reEnix and to be devel­oped by Obsid­i­an Enter­tain­ment. To get this out of the way because I heard quite a bit of groan­ing when I men­tioned Obsid­i­an, always know for great ideas but failed exe­cu­tion and QA, this game is com­ing along quite well  and from the demo I played, fears can be put aside. Now, that is not to say that there are some gripes I had, but the demo of DS3 was less bug­gy than all of Fall­out: New Vegas (zing!). It’s your typ­i­cal hack and slash with loot and char­ac­ter build­ing abound, and enough lens flairs to make J.J. Abrams jeal­ous. The com­bat sys­tem is close in com­par­i­son with Drag­on Age 2s sys­tem, (mind you I played this on the 360 ear­ly this morn­ing) A would be your typ­i­cal attack but­ton and X, Y, B would be your skills that you would acquire from lev­el­ing. The Left trig­ger blocks while acti­vat­ing a new tray of traits mapped to the three but­tons pre­vi­ous­ly men­tioned; the left bumper switch­es between attack styles. I played as Lucas Mont­baron, one of only two char­ac­ters avail­able in the demo, which plays like a typ­i­cal war­rior class. Lucas has two load outs, one using a sword and shield, the oth­er using a larg­er two hand­ed weapon. While equip­ping each weapon type your pow­ers tray loads with cus­tom attacks and spells for each type. The right bumper is used as an action but­ton and to pick up loot and is by far the best idea to come from this game. Play­ing a lot of Bor­der­lands recent­ly, I can’t stand hav­ing X pick things up, reload­ing, and open­ing crates at the same time, this small con­cept works won­ders in this game. While whal­ing away at an ene­my just a tap of the bumper and just like that nab some loot while not doing some­thing stu­pid amongst a hec­tic bat­tle. The cam­era pans out and makes the game look rem­i­nis­cent of Baldur’s Gate or you can have it up close via Drag­on Age. This obser­va­tion was tak­ing dur­ing my time with the game alone. I have yet to try the co-op and have no idea if the cam­era is sta­t­ic with more peo­ple to con­cen­trate on. The action is sol­id, there is lit­tle I have to gripe about in the com­bat depart­ment, my main gripes come from the menus; there are just TOO MANY DAMN MENUS! I know it is a RPG at heart but has stream­lin­ing menus ever hurt any­one? There is a main page, then a page for armor and weapons with around 8 to 10 tabs on that page, a page for upgrades and those have tabs on them as well. I know the game wants to be deep but make it acces­si­ble with­out a learn­ing curve for your menu sys­tem. The only oth­er real gripe I have and this is just a per­son­al one, new armor you acquire does not change your appear­ance. I know this is stu­pid to com­plain about but damn it, if I pick up a drag­on helm, I want it to look dif­fer­ent than the turkey I am wear­ing. All of the weapons have a dif­fer­ent aes­thet­ic approach to them but real­ly? Is armor that hard to con­jure up?
I real­ly like the game oth­er than my few gripes I had, I am going to give it anoth­er shot lat­er today and hope­ful­ly can get some friends to join the loot hunt as well. I was look­ing for a good action RPG to play with some friends over the long sum­mer months and this may be the one I choose, Dag­gerdale was in the run­ning for this until I got my hands on that unpol­ished turd. Dun­geon Siege 3 releas­es for the Xbox 360, PlaySta­tion 3, and PC on June 21st and the demo is out now on Xbox 360 and will be avail­able for the PS3 and PC come June 7th.   
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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - June 1, 2011 5:08 pm

    this isn’t a bad game it’s sim­ply more of the same but co-op is always a plus if it works i think.. to add to the gripes I think the graph­ics looks real­ly dat­ed but on the flip side the ani­ma­tion seems smooth and looks pret­ty cool when pulling off heavey attacks or spells I’m still on the fence with this one I want to check out the hunt­ed which is the same type of game with co-op as well and then we’ll see who the sum­mer rpg win­ner…


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