May 31, 2011

Random though of the day: Insert Battlefield 3 into the “What-if” machine…..

Dur­ing my long and bor­ing morn­ing I was read­ing an arti­cle on the Call of Duty’s stat site dubbed “Elite”. I love how they pass off some­thing that Halo has been doing with for years, as new. Any­way, I recall read­ing that EA is putting 100 mil­lion behind Bat­tle­field 3 to top­ple Mod­ern War­fare 3, they want BF3 to be the bees knees of the “mod­ern” FPS bout. Well let’s jump back to 2005 when EA had anoth­er con­tender in the ring chal­leng­ing their beloved Mad­den fran­chise. ESPN foot­ball 2k5 is still wide­ly con­sid­ered one of the best foot­ball games to date. 2K went ball­sy on 2k5 and priced it right at $19.99. 2k5 went on to crush Mad­den that year in terms of sales and crit­i­cal acclaim. It pushed EA into a cor­ner and made them shell out mil­lions of dol­lars to secure the NFL rights and can­cel any future 2K foot­ball games (with a NFL license). Now here is the “what if”. What if EA was to pull the same card 2K did against them but against Activi­sion. Price Bat­tle­field 3 at $29.99 and, give or take, makes the first DLC free (not includ­ing the pre­order maps). If this would hap­pen I could see a humon­gous upset more so than I am see­ing already. Price nev­er dic­tat­ed qual­i­ty, so why should it now? No, this is not real­ly going to hap­pen but it is an inter­est­ing sce­nario none the less. So should EA bite the bul­let and take the gam­ble?


  1. DrPixel - June 1, 2011 3:06 am

    If EA did that it would total­ly screw over Activi­sion haha. It’s too bad that they’d nev­er make such a long-await­ed game like BF3 $29.99.

  2. zero_19 - June 1, 2011 11:20 am

    I’m gonna buy it any­way, but I could see that brin­ing in a much wider play­er base at launch.
    Nev­er gonna hap­pen of course.

  3. ScrotusKilmystr - June 1, 2011 4:58 pm

    I agree this will nev­er hap­pen but in the land of lol­lipops and rain­bows it total­ly will!!! They might do what they did with bfbc2 and shoot out dlc that was free but the packs where maps tak­en from the cam­pain except for the last pack which were fan favorites from bc1 ( and they were!)
    I’ll still buy it at full price, it sim­ply looks to be the bet­ter game

  4. thsoundman - June 1, 2011 11:18 pm

    While i sin­cer­ly doubt they would ever release the game at this price… i mean lets be hon­est it is EA it does bring up a inter­st­ing dis­cus­sion. You’ve prob­a­bly heard the argue­ment that cheap­er prod­ucts would make as just as much mon­ey as a high­er priced prod­uct when the cheap­er price brings more sales. This brings up an inter­st ques­tion… is it bet­ter to make more more mon­ey up from but sell less copies or to make less mon­ey up front and sell more copies? Which is bet­ter?
    After all the fees that have to be paid on con­ven­tion­al retail releas­es 29.99 i sus­pect would result on decent loss­es in part on the devel­op­er. How­ev­er it would most defi­nate­ly dri­ve more sales. I would love to see a cheap­er title. How­ev­er a dig­i­tal PC release could acco­mo­date this as the major­i­ty of the cost can go to the devel­op­er. Hav­ing said that they could offer a cheap­er release price for PC STEAM/D2D/IMPULSE.


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