June 3, 2011

Electronic Entertainment Expo!!!

The biggest gam­ing event of the year is just a few days away! All the big play­ers com­ing togeth­er to show us want we can expect to see in the com­ing year. Can’t go? Can’t watch it live? How will I get my E3 fix?? No wor­ries The Gamers Blog has you cov­ered. CABXYZ and yours tru­ely will be bring­ing you dai­ly updates for ALL your E3 cov­er­age. We will have all the info hot off the press con­fer­ence floor as we get it. I will also be post­ing a spe­cial Gamer Rant : E3 edi­tion. Dai­ly updates, spe­cial posts, and maybe if your good a few supris­es, what else could you ask for? You say anoth­er give­away? Sure why not! Check us out dur­ing our E3 cov­er­age for details on anoth­er give­away. What are you hop­ing to see this year at E3? C’mon Star Wars Old Repub­lic! Fin­gers crossed.

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  1. CharcoalCoyote - June 3, 2011 8:22 am

    I’ll tell you what I’m hop­ing to not see: Any­thing Halo relat­ed. Now that Bungie is no longer in con­trol of the series, Microsoft is free to blud­geon it to death in the same man­ner as a crap­py Hol­ly­wood reboot of your favorite child­hood car­toons, or copi­ous amounts of Rule 34.
    Things I actu­al­ly WANT to see:
    1. Just what the hell this whole Project Cafe is. I only have two requests from Nin­ten­do: A- Allow me to play the games while sit­ting on my ass, any­where in the room. B- Don’t call it some­thing as stu­pid as the Wii. I would have bought a Nin­ten­do Rev­o­lu­tion (the orig­i­nal name).
    2. More details on Sky­ward Sword. Once again, this is a Zel­da game, which I would like to play whilst on my ass. Not stand­ing up swing­ing my arms about and con­tem­plat­ing why Link is right hand­ed in this game.
    3. Some­thing real­ly cool for the 3DS. When the DS first dropped, every game on it was awe­some. All these total­ly new con­cepts were all com­ing togeth­er to make tru­ly kick­ass inno­v­a­tive games. Then it just kin­da… yeah.
    4. Anoth­er new take on the RPG. The last excep­tion­al one I played (in terms of release date, and please note that I HAVE NOT played The Witch­er 2) was Mass Effect. Prefer­ably some­thing that’s less dark. I mean, Obliv­ion was cool and had a lot of beau­ti­ful land­scapes and stuff, but you only saw them if you did­n’t fast trav­el. Most of the sto­ry took place at night, under­ground, or in Hell.
    5. A new game for PS3 and 360 (mul­ti­plat­form, or just two total­ly dif­fer­ent games) that has the poten­tial to have real­ly good online mul­ti­play­er, but is not a first-per­son or third-per­son shoot­er. There are so many inter­est­ing and unex­plored con­cepts that would make great mul­ti­play­er, but all any­one seems to want to do is clone Call of Duty and cash in as best they can.


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