June 6, 2011

E3 2011 — EA’s Game Changers

EA just fin­ished their press event and heres what they showed us:
Mass Effect 3 — March 6, 2012 — The live demo showed some great graph­ics and real­ly showed off a much larg­er scale for the action and fight­ing. It was also said that if you played the pre­vi­ous Mass Effect games that your deci­sions in them would all come togeth­er in this install­ment.
Need for Speed: The Run — This new NFS title will be a race across the USA. They have added the auto log fea­ture to this one and it will also fea­ture action out of the car as well. The live demo showed this fea­ture to be a sim­ple but­ton tim­ing excer­cise but it will be an inter­est­ing fea­ture. With stolen police cars, fight­ing, and heli­copter chas­es this NFS seems like it will up the action ele­ment.
Star Wars the Old Repub­lic — Giant dis­ap­point­ment. No release date and the trail­er that was shown was the pre­vi­ous two trail­ers mixed togeth­er along with only a few new scenes. Like is said, dis­ap­point­ed.
SSX — Jan 2012 — SSX will have three modes: Race, Trick, and Sur­vive. You will be able to hit the slopes on any major moun­tain range in the world.
Fifa 12 — It will have bet­ter defense sys­tems, ball con­trol, and a new impact engine for tack­ling. Fifa will also get Foot­ball Club. It’s a social hub for stats, leader­boards, and chal­lenges at no extra cost.
Mad­den 12 — Aug 30 — As with every year, new AI, new col­li­sion sys­tem, and new play­er per­for­mance sys­tem. It’s Mad­den peo­ple. You play one, you’ve played them all.
Sims Social — Sims on Facebook.….yea.….
Reck­on­ing — 2012 — This is a 3rd per­son fantasy/ action rpg style game. It has your typ­i­cal mag­ic and regualr fight­ing sys­tem. Can’t say it real­ly was any­thing great.
Over Strike — Set in the near future, Over Strike has you play as one of four mer­ce­nar­ies in a group with futur­is­tic style weapons and tech. If this turns out to be a four play­er Co-op, this could be a fun one.
Bat­tle­field 3 — Beta in Sept — Full game Oct 25 — BF showed off the new Frost­bite 2 engine with a few scenes which looked great. There was a mul­ti­play­er trail­er but it was very quick and did­n’t real­ly show much. Like the Auto Log for Need for Speed, Bat­tle­field will intro­duce the Bat­tle Log which is their social hub for stats and leader­boards etc. They showed a live demo from the PC ver­sion which looked nice but it was all in a tank. Nev­er showed any­thing on foot. It was an open field tank bat­tle that even­tu­al­ly turned into a small base assault with the tanks.
All in all EA showed some inter­est­ing things. More to come from E3!

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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - June 10, 2011 3:47 pm

    EA had some cool stuff BATTLEFIELD SAAAWIIING! even thouh peo­ple were com­plain­ing about them only show­ing a tank mis­sion It was a fan­tas­tic look­ing tank mis­sion!! I may have to be bor­row and/or steal some more cash to build/upgrade a rig to run this game at full or close to it spec and I just did that crap.…
    mad­den-meh, tiger woods-meh.. EA’s sports line­up to me seems to be get­ting stale and they need to move on and cre­ate some new sports games I mean can Mad­den even walk any­more he may be stuck in a wheel chair drool­ing the anounce­ments and com­men­tary by now… and Tiger you would think they’d drop him after he’s been puttin and drop­ping hole-in-ones all over town


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