June 6, 2011

E3 2011 – Microsoft- All things Halo

What would E3 be wit out the fran­chise that cre­at­ed the Xbox? We know Bungie depart­ed the series with Reach and the reins would be hand­ed over to 343 Indus­tries, which is ran by for­mer Bungie mem­ber Frank O’Connor. Dur­ing Microsoft’s press brief­ing not one, but two Halo games were announced; mak­ing the scream­ing fan boy inside me cry tears of joy.
Halo: Com­bat Evolved Anniver­sary is just what we expect­ed and has been wait­ing for. The game is the orig­i­nal Xbox hit with a shiny new coat of paint with online co-op and mul­ti­play­er. I was able to catch the inter­view Spike/Gametrailers had with Frank O’Connor. From what I gath­ered the game is essen­tial­ly the Xbox game down to its core. There has been no tweak­ing of lev­el design, or how the game plays; it was just a graph­i­cal over­haul to show the game some mod­ern love. In the inter­view they tried to get the pric­ing out of Frank but to no avail they could not. He did how ever say that it will not be $59.99. $39.99 for a beau­ti­ful remake and an online suite with re-mas­tered mul­ti­play­er, I’m in! The game will hit retail on Novem­ber 15th 2011.
If that was not enough Halo for you, Microsoft and 343 had one more sur­prise; Halo 4. The Mas­ter Chief is back in all his green glo­ry. No game play was shown but we did get one hell of a teas­er trail­er from the direc­to­r­i­al mind of Joseph Kosin­s­ki (TRON: Lega­cy, “Star­ry Night” Halo 3 ad). The trail­er, as beau­ti­ful as it was, is short and didn’t offer much in the way of sto­ry but the Chief and Cor­tana end up on that plan­et that was shown at the end of Halo 3s leg­endary end­ing (yes I spoiled it, it’s been 4 years if you haven’t beat it by now, tough), thought by the internet’s to be Marathon. There is not much info at this time besides the trail­er but the game isn’t due out till fall of 2012. Until then keep an eye out as this Halo nut will bring you any fur­ther infor­ma­tion.         
 For more on all our E3 cov­er­age head over to E3 tab and check out the lat­est and great­est news.


  1. Strider782 - June 7, 2011 2:01 pm

    Nat­u­ral­ly the Chief will go on, he’s a sur­vivor and a mul­ti-mil­lion cash cow! It’ll be inter­est­ing to see where they take it in the next install­ment. Hope­ful­ly it’ll be just as good as the oth­ers.
    “Chief and Cor­tana end up on that plan­et that was shown at the end of Halo 3s leg­endary end­ing (yes I spoiled it, it’s been 4 years if you haven’t beat it by now, tough)” Would­n’t wor­ry about the spoil­er that much, like you said it’s been four years and if they did­n’t know they’re then that’s pret­ty sad.

  2. ScrotusKilmystr - June 10, 2011 2:20 pm

    I did­n’t know.…whine oh wait yeah I did nev­er mind total­ly for­got well achive­ments are good for something.….haha woohoo Halo:Combat Evolved reborn!!!!! this will be my third copy (have for the xbox and PC !!)
    I am intrest­ed in how 343 will for­ward the Halo fran­chise Halo Wars was a real­ly good game but by no means some­thing that the house of Bungie made.….
    BTW was there any rum­blings from Activi­sions new dare I say minion.…Bungie as to what there are up to?


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