June 6, 2011

E3 2011 – Microsoft- Tomb Raider

Crys­tal Dynam­ics came out on to Microsoft’s stage to present their new reimag­in­ing of Tomb Raider. This is vast­ly dif­fer­ent than we have seen her last in TR: Under­world. Lara is 21 and just begin­ning her adven­tures, the tone is much dark­er and grit­ty to the point dur­ing the demo Lara pulled out a piece out met­al out of a wound like a pro; albeit much whin­ing and moan­ing. The game play they showed looked like a mix of clas­sic Tomb Raider and Unchart­ed. There were script­ed playable sequences that looked very rem­i­nis­cent of Unchart­ed 2. Not to say that Lara’s new makeover is a bad thing and all they did was copy and past­ed from Naughty Dogs opus, there were some orig­i­nal ideas amongst the demo. Using Lara’s “sur­vivor skills” you can locate things in the envi­ron­ments to use to cre­ate a path to progress. On exam­ple they had was using fire to burn cer­tain things to low­er a plat­form. The game did suf­fer unfor­tu­nate­ly from the plague that is infect­ing most mod­ern games ad that is the quick time event. There were sev­er­al though out the demo, but they did not seem to slow the pace of the game down. The games aes­thet­ics were beau­ti­ful and I think I can get use to a dark­er and grit­ti­er Tomb Raider. If it is any­thing like Unchart­ed 2 I will enjoy the game immense­ly and can’t wait to get my hands on it. The game will be out fall of 2012.  
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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - June 10, 2011 3:06 pm

    that was the first thing I thought about watch­ing this demo was Unchart­ed and I haven’t even played the series…
    I do like the look and direc­tion they’ve tak­en mov­ing away from the camp the has been mud­dling the fran­chise is past install­ments


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