June 6, 2011

E3 2011 — Sony

Well Day one of E3 is in the books and it end­ed with Sony. Now Sony had a ton of pres­sure to be great this year due to the PSN hack. Well lets just say I think they hit a home­run. They had to step it up and they did just that. After the apolo­gies and thanks for sup­port here’s what they gave us:
Unchart­ed 3 — Beta June 28 — Full game Nov 1 — We got a look at Unchart­ed 3 which looked amaz­ing. The game­play had Drake sneak­ing around a cruise ship dur­ing a ter­ri­ble storm. As you nav­i­gate the ship you and object around you con­tin­u­ous­ly sway with the chop­py seas out side. Even­tu­al­ly the ship gets a hole and starts flood­ing and then all of the sud­den the ship rolls onto its side adding a whole new lev­el lay­out. It was a very impres­sive sneak peak.
Resis­tance 3 — Sept 6 — This install­ment takes place 4 years after the pre­vi­ous game and its all out war again. All new weapons and great graph­ics add to the lure. Also Resis­tance 3 will be capad­able with the PS Move. On Sept 6 there will be a spe­cial bun­dle that will include the game, the PS eye cam­era, Nav­i­ga­tion con­troller, PS move con­troller, and the sharp shoot­er con­troller all for $150.
God of War, Ico, and Shad­ow of Col­los­sus — All these games games are get­ting remas­terd col­lec­tions in 3D.
Playsta­tion will box a 24 inch 3D dis­play, 3D glass­es, 6ft HDMI cord, and Resis­tance 3 for $499.
NBA2K12 — This title will include a new NBA on the Move fea­ture that uses the PS Move.
Medieval Moves: Dead­mund’s Quest — Fall 2011 — This will be a PS Move game set in a fan­ta­sy world. There will be no inven­to­ry or weapon select. The ges­tures you make with the Move con­troller will select the weapon auto­mat­i­cal­ly. The game will fea­ture dif­fer­ent branch­ing paths all filled with puz­zles to get through them.
Infa­mous 2 — Gave us anoth­er trail­er and lat­er this year there will be an update to cus­tomize game­play and the addi­tion PS Move capa­bil­i­ty.
Lit­tle Big Plan­et 2 — Will get an update this year for the PS Move func­tion­al­i­ty
Star Hawk — this is the sequal to War Hawk and they gave us a trail­er which looked fair­ly good.
Sly Coop­er Theives in Time — 2012 — All we real­ly got to see was a lit­tle trail­er, hope­ful­ly more to come
Dust 514 — closed beta late 2011 — full game spring 2012 — Dust will be a Playsta­tion exclu­sive. It’s a first per­son shoot­er that will be con­nect­ed with the PC MMO Eve Online. It will also have a PS Move func­tion as well as PS Vita func­tion­al­i­ty.
Bioshock Infi­nite — Bioshocks new trail­er looked fan­tas­tic and it will have uses for PS Move. The PS3 ver­sion of the game will come with Bioshock 1 on it.  Also as a side note there will be a game based in the Bioshock uni­verse for the PS Vita.
Saints Row — All we got was a release date of Nov 15
Star Trek — 2012 — This will be a co-op based game with PS Move func­tion­al­i­ty based on the J.J Abrams movie. It will also be in 3D. There will a pre­quel to the game as a dig­i­tal down­load. There will be a spe­cial phas­er Move con­troller that you will be able to buy as well.
SSX — Playsta­tion 3 will have and exclu­sive Mt. Fugi course.
Need for Speed The Run — PS3 ver­sion will have sev­en extra cars to choose from.
Bat­tle­field 3 — PS3 ver­sion will include Bat­tle­field 1943.
NGP/ PS Vita — Hol­i­day 2011 — It has been offi­cial­ly named the Playsta­tion Vita. Includes dual cam­eras, dual con­trol sticks, dual touch pads, axis con­trols, and a five inch touch screen. There will be two ver­sions. One with Wi-Fi and one with 3G capa­bil­i­ty. Playsta­tion will part­ner with AT&T for the 3G ver­sion. Wi-Fi ver­sion will cost $249.99 and the 3G will cost $299.99. There are 80 games in devel­op­ment and it will have cross play func­tion­al­i­ty.
Unchart­ed Gold­en Abyss — PS Vita game. Will use touch screen for more sim­ple con­trols. It had good visu­als.
Ruin — Ruin is an action based rpg for the PS Vita. It will use a class sys­tem in a fan­ta­sy set­ting. It will use the cross play func­tion for the PS3 ver­sion. You can save on the Vita and then load from the same spot on the PS3.
Mod Nation Rac­ers — This will be a brand new Mod Nation Rac­er exclu­sive­ly for the PS Vita. You will have a new track cus­tomiza­tion using its touch screen. Using the touch screen you can cre­ate banks for turns, jumps, moun­tains and lakes. There will 2 mil­lion cre­at­ed items already for use on day one.
Lit­tle Big Plan­et — There will be a PS Vita ver­sion with tons and tons of online/ com­mu­ni­ty fea­tures.
Street Fight­er X Tekken — We got to see a small trail­er and found out Cole from Infa­mous will be a play­ble char­ac­ter. There will also be a PS Vita ver­sion with Cole as well.
We did not see Kevin But­ler which bummed me a lit­tle, but Sony did a great job in my opin­ion. Sony need­ed a good show­ing and I felt they did just that. We got dates and prices which is always good. I have a feel­ing they took a leap away from the PSN hack and now peo­ple will be get­ting back on board with Sony.


  1. ScrotusKilmystr - June 10, 2011 3:01 pm

    what i saw of the Sony press con­fer­ence was impres­sive and bet­ter pre­sent­ed than Microsoft and Nin­ten­do the com­ing line up is sol­id and the Vita shows some promise IF they sup­port it well unlike the psp.…
    I would still be appre­hen­sive in jump­ing on the sony band weagon due to the mul­ti­ple world-wide hacks that have hap­pened even after the secu­ri­ty upgrades that Sony has been putting in place I think they need to prove to the gam­ing com­mu­ni­ty that you will be safe with us.…
    If this could be done I would seri­ous­ly think about pur­chas­ing some Sony good­ness this year

  2. ScrotusKilmystr - June 10, 2011 3:10 pm

    oh yeah you for­got to metion that there will be a way to get ear­ly access to the FULL mul­ti­play game for unchart­ed 3 that is not the beta but pre-release access some­thing to look into I think…


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