July 6, 2011

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force and Windows 7 64bit

This was the first time in a long time that I have had some time off to myself.  When decid­ing what to do with my spare time I decid­ed to bring out my old cat­a­log and play a game that I had­n’t played in years and the first game that popped up was Star Trek Voy­ager: Elite Force. 
For those of you who don’t know Star Trek Voy­ager: Elite Force is an old game, by gam­ing stan­dards, released in 2000 and fol­lows the exploits of the “haz­ard team” abord the star­ship Voy­ager.  The “haz­ard team” is essen­tial­ly a team of spe­cial forces oper­a­tives who are sent out to deal with “dan­ger­ous” sit­u­a­tions that stan­dard Starfleet per­son­ell aren’t equiped to  han­dle, much like your mod­ern day spe­cial forces. 
While play­ing this it got me to think­ing how much sim­pler the FPS genre was 11 years ago.  The way games were made were far dif­fer­ent then todays mod­ern shoot­ers.  The biggest dif­fer­ence was how there were no extra fea­tures such as unlocks, upgrades, perks or lev­el­ing up.  I also had to get used to the idea of using ammo sta­tions and health sta­tions.  It’s been a good long time since I have had to deal with man­ag­ing my health with my saves.  There were a cou­ple of times I actu­al­ly had to move back to pre­vi­ous save because I had saved at a “inop­er­tune” time.  
It was inter­st­ing how dif­fer­ent FPS genre has become over the past 10 years and I think they’ve actu­al­ly tried to over com­pli­cate what is actu­al­ly, what I think to be, a rather sim­ple genre and should­n’t need to be over­ly com­plex.  Games like Call of Duty and the Bat­tle­field series have tak­en the FPS genre to new, com­plex, heights with weapon and armor unlocks, upgrades and perks.  It was actu­al­ly real­ly refresh­ing not hav­ing to wor­ry about any of those things while play­ing and the only thing I had to think about was just run­ning, shoot­ing and lis­ten­ing to the enter­tain­ing dialouge and sto­ry.  There was also no script­ing out­side of con­ver­sa­tion pieces.  There were sim­ple stealth mis­sions where you had to most­ly “stay out of sight” but could still be in clear view. 
Elite Force was a great way to go back to a time when things were sim­ple, fun and excit­ing where ene­mies would come at you in hordes and lev­el lay­outs were huge and all that was required to beat the final boss was to shoot it three hun­dred thou­sand times.  It was the most fun I’ve had in years and fun­ny enough I did­n’t put it down until I played it all the way through. 
Installing this “ancient” game was not as sim­ple as installing it from the CD.  I had to go to some lengths to get it installed on a Win­dows 7 64bit sys­tem run­ning on a AMD Phe­nom II X4 965, 8GB of ram, Radeon 5870 run­ning on the lat­est dri­vers.  Hav­ing said all that I thought it would be nice to give you the steps I took to get this installed and run­ning.
1. Grab your CD and copy all files to a fold­er some­where on your com­put­er
2. Go to the direc­to­ry you copied all of the files and go to the set­up fold­er
3. Right click on the setup.exe file inside the set­up fold­er and click the com­pata­bil­i­ty tab and set these set­tings .   
          a.  Check run com­pat­i­bil­i­ty mode and set it to Win­dows 2000
          b.  Check dis­able desk­top com­po­si­tion
          c.  Check Dis­able dis­play  scal­ing on high DPI set­tings
          d.  Check Run this pro­gram as an admin­is­tra­tor
4.  Keep in mind this step can take as much as 20 min­utes before you see any results.  Run the setup.exe file as admin­is­tra­tor.  On my sys­tem it took 20 min­utes before I saw ANY signs that it was work­ing.  If you don’t see signs that some­thing is work­ing be patient it should start work­ing. 
5. Now that the pro­gram is installed there are still a few oth­er things that I had to do to get things func­tion­ing cor­rect­ly.  One thing to note about old­er games that were designed before the advent of 64 bit sys­tems and 1GB video cards.  Is that most of them can’t han­dle mul­ti core proces­sors and sys­tem mem­o­ry over 4Gb includ­ing your video card.  What we have to do is make the game think it’s run­ning on an old­er sys­tem.  I should men­tion I would try get­ting the game to work with­out chang­ing these set­tings as it’s just eas­i­er.  If the game func­tions at the set­tings you desire then you have no need to fol­low the fol­low­ing steps.
6.  Launch mscon­fig by click­ing on the Win­dows but­ton and typ­ing mscon­fig
        a.  Click the boot tab
        b.  Click advanced options
        c.  Set the max­i­mum mem­o­ry to what brings your total sys­tem mem­o­ry under 4Gb includ­ing your video cards mem­o­ry.  For exam­ple if you have a 1Gb video card mem­o­ry you would set the max­i­mum sys­tem mem­o­ry to 3000
       d.  This step can be done in two ways and it depends on what you pre­fer.  You need to set your sys­tem to use only 1 pro­cess­ing core instead of 2 or 4 or 6 or what­ev­er your sys­tem cur­rent­ly has.  Most old­er games can’t uti­lize mul­ti­ple cores and in cas­es where they can it often ruins per­for­mance hav­ing mul­ti­ple cores instead of one.  Choose one of the two options that bests suits you:
                    1.  Go back to the boot options where you set your max­i­mum mem­o­ry and check the num­ber of proces­sors box and set it to 1.  This will set your sys­tem to use only 1 proces­sor and until you set it back it will only use one proces­sor.
                    2.  Launch the game and press con­trol + alt + delete and click on task man­ag­er.  In task man­ag­er click process­es and look for the stvoy.exe.  Right click on stvoy.exe and click select affin­i­ty and uncheck every box execpt  CPU 0.  This will set only stvoy.exe to use one core instead of all of them.  For some peo­ple this would be a bet­ter option.
These were the steps I took to get the game work­ing on Win­dows 7 64bit.   The steps may vary a lit­tle depend­ing on your cir­cum­stance and if you have prob­lems please feel free to post here and if you have anoth­er solu­tion that works as well please post it as well.  I hope this has helped some­one out there look­ing to take a stroll down nos­tal­gia lane. 
I should also men­tion that you fol­low these steps at your own risk and that I am NOT respon­si­ble for any dam­age caused to your sys­tem. 
 Do not right click on the setup.exe file in the main direc­to­ry as this one will not work.


  1. CharcoalCoyote - July 6, 2011 8:29 am

    It is amaz­ing the steps a man will take to relive days gone by. Excel­lent arti­cle. I’m not a huge fan of Star Trek, but I do like old­er FPSes. I would­n’t say the genre has become “over­com­pli­cat­ed” nowa­days so much as it has become “taint­ed”. It’s one thing to inten­tion­al­ly include RPG ele­ments, but it’s anoth­er thing to view them as manda­to­ry in today’s mar­ket.

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  3. ScrotusKilmystr - July 8, 2011 8:56 am

    Here’s a chal­lenge… try to get the game Descent to work on win7 it’s from 1995 and was a 6 axis FPS real­ly cool for it’s time and hard as hell to play unless you had a flight stick

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  6. charles - October 21, 2011 3:57 pm

    I’m try­ing to get the game to run on win­dows 7 under a sim­i­lar 640bit amd sys­tem, and am hav­ing zero luck I always get “The ver­sion of this file is not com­pat­i­ble with the ver­sion of win­dows you’re run­ning.”

  7. thsoundman - October 21, 2011 10:02 pm

    Charles what game are you try­ing to get run­ning? I might be able to help you get it run­ning. Let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help you get it run­ning! Cheers!

  8. JD - December 23, 2011 1:29 am

    I was able to get it run­ning on Win­dows 7 64-bit by sim­ply copy-past­ing the con­tents of the game disc to a fold­er on my desk­top. How­ev­er, to run the game you must go into that fold­er, select “Set­up” > “stvoy.exe” WITHOUT chang­ing any com­pat­i­bil­i­ty set­tings. Just run it straight up. You can also run “stvoy” direct­ly from the disc, but you will not be able to cre­ate or load saveg­ame files.
    I have not been able to fig­ure out how to patch this up to ver­sion 1.2, though…the patch­er does­n’t rec­og­nize it as a legit­i­mate instal­la­tion, even if I then copy the fold­er con­tents over to a “prop­er” loca­tion in Pro­gram Files. Some­thing about skip­ping the tra­di­tion­al set­up process makes it impos­si­ble for the patch to find the game direc­to­ry. If some­one can fig­ure out a way to man­u­al­ly add Jeri Ryan’s VO per­for­mance to the orig­i­nal game files, that would solve my prob­lem (only thing I care about, real­ly).

  9. Shawn - January 22, 2012 6:26 pm

    Try­ing to just run it flat out on Win­dows 7 x64 gives me a com­plaint about a miss­ing FFC10.dll file. I tried the com­pat­i­bil­i­ty steps above and ran setup.exe. Aero turned off and I see the setup.exe process in Task Man­ag­er, so right now I’m just wait­ing for some­thing to hap­pen.

  10. john - June 13, 2012 7:08 am

    i install and run game but i cant get in main menu i hear:voyager lcars menu sys­tem but my screen is black,please help

    • Fronk - August 13, 2012 1:37 am

      Same here! Any solu­tion so far?

  11. DiseasedWeasel - August 30, 2012 9:32 pm

    thank you so much for the help, Elite Force is my favorite fps of all time, i grew up with it and now it works per­fect­ly

  12. STV is not working!! :/ - October 28, 2012 6:07 am

    Okay, I’ve done all this, but for some rea­son when I click setup.exe the instal­la­tion nev­er comes up. And when I try to install it on my win­dows XP ver­sion I get an error. Grav­i­ty pack error.

  13. shaz - December 15, 2012 3:49 pm

    Hi, thank you for your help mak­ing STEF 1 run on win­dows 7. It runs with­out any prob­lems and did­n’t even have 2 wait for 20 min. How­ev­er, I had to down­load a tor­rent for Star Trek Elite Force 2, as my CD’s got dam­aged. I use Dae­mon tools for and every­thing worked fine, but when I have to *insert” the sec­ond CD, I did­n’t know how to, can you help? There is the sec­ond CD in the down­load, but I don’t kno how to get out of the instal­la­tion with­out it exit the instal­la­tion to mount the sec­ond cd. I am not expere­inced in vir­tu­al CD dri­ves, so this is new to me.

  14. peter - January 13, 2013 10:13 am

    Ive fol­lowed your direc­tions and got the main game to work but i can­not get the data disk to work, these are orig­i­nals and work on xp no prob­lem but on my win 7 com­put­er its a no go,i copied the data disk on the win 7 comp in a dir, used the same com­pat­i­bil­i­ty options that got the main game to work did the start pro­gram and wait­ed but then the only thing which came up was start could not open string file,? Any help, thanks

  15. green777 - January 13, 2013 10:21 am

    i have installed the main game on win 7 and works fine but the data disk will not install, i did the same com­pat­i­bil­i­ty mode pressed the the test game and wait­ed all the came up was could not open string file? anyvhelp on this, thanks

  16. Jeff K - January 12, 2014 6:47 pm

    For StarTrek Elite Force 1 on Win7 x64 bit you can run demo32.exe and select the data­base file that comes up this will get you the instal­la­tion screen


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